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Thoughts on the iPad 2 from ceBIT

Pieter was an attendee at the ceBIT conference last weekend and I was happy to talk with him during a bit of down time. At the time of the recording, I had not yet posted any official thoughts about the iPad 2. I definitely plan on getting one as soon as it is released, just as I will get the new iPhone whenever it hits the stores.

While the new iteration may not be revolutionary in any way, I feel it is the next logical step for Apple at this point in time. It’s evolutionary. The Cupertino giant has definitely upped the ante for everyone else. They’ve raised that proverbial bar just enough that other manufacturers will be tripping over themselves to attempt to catch up – maybe not with specs, but certainly with price point.

It doesn’t matter if your Android (or other) device has a larger screen or faster processor. It’s all about the experience itself and the amount of cash I’m going to have to shell out to get that experience. I simply haven’t seen a single other vendor out there who can even come close to these two all-important factors.

You cannot deny the sleekness of the iPad. The first gen model wasn’t all that lightweight but the new version is much slimmer and weighs a bit less. That part doesn’t honestly interest me. Whoopie – it’s a few grams lighter than the original offering. It still boils down to the price point.

Forget the number of apps available. I don’t care if there are five billion apps out there – I want quality. In my eyes, Apple’s marketing message is a tad off. It’s not about the quantity – it’s about the experience. I’d rather choose from a pool of 50,000 solid apps than from one of 500,000 questionable ones.

I’ll call it now: HP will give Apple a run for their money with the webOS-based tablets than Android has done. I’m not saying Android is bad, so please don’t start your flame wars. I simply feel that Android needs to mature some more before it can successfully compete in the tablet world. Each new version of the operating system is an improvement over the last – and that’s my point. It’s growing and maturing into what it will become one day.

The way I see it is that it’s the iPad on one side of the fence and everyone else on the other side. I already stated that HP will be stepping up to the plate this year. The only other thing I see bringing any competition to the market could possibly be Google… IF they fully bake their operating system into the right hardware – and with the right cost.

True geeks may want the fastest and best specs on the market. But at the end of the day, the target audience is the non-geeks – those who simply want a good experience.

Visually Impaired Software is Built Into Mac OS X

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I had a community member call in the other night asking me about accessibility features inside of OS X. He specifically wondered about things that may help those of us who have impaired vision and need some extra help to maneuver around our computers with ease.

There are several options built in to OS X that can help you be able to see and manage your experience if you have problems with your eyesight. I know that as my eyes become even weaker over the years, I’m likely to use some of these features myself. I have the ability to zoom in quite a ways, which will come in handy once I can no longer see small objects and text.

You can choose how it zooms in specifically. You can smooth images as you zoom, and have the cursor stay at the center. There are a lot of small things that make the entire experience even better. You also have the ability to change the contrast. Instead of having black on white… you can use white on black. This helps some people who have troubles seeing different types of backgrounds. You can also revert to greyscale, which can help those who are color blind.

These same types of system preferences are available in the iPad, as well. This caller was from the UK, and was disappointed to learn that he couldn’t order one for himself at the time of this recording. However, he was happy to learn that they were coming in the near future.

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Unlock the iPad Zoom Feature

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Even with the larger screen on the iPad, some people may have trouble reading what’s in front of them. There are a countless number of people who have impaired vision, and Apple kept them in mind. It’s quite easy to zoom in on anything you may be looking at on the device.

All you need to do is double-tap the screen with three fingers… then slide your fingers upwards until the zoom is where you want it to be. To go back to normal size, double-tap with those three fingers again and then slide them down. This works throughout the operating system – no matter what application you may be using.

If you try to zoom in or out with only one or two fingers, nothing happens. You have to use all three fingers. This will keep you from accidentally zooming in and out all of the time. This feature is not enabled by default. Go into your options and choose “Accessibility”. You can toggle it on from there.

Additionally, you can turn on the “White on Black” mode, which changes the way everything looks for those of you who have trouble reading black text on white backgrounds.

These may seem to be small details that you might feel aren’t important. However, they are VERY important to those of us who have bad eyes. The little things like this can help a device stand out about its rivals.

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