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Zagat Launches App for Windows Phone 7 Today

Robert Scoble recorded this interview with the people at Zagat a few weeks ago at their offices in New York City. My assistant Kat was lucky enough to be there for that trip. She was given the opportunity to shadow Robert for a couple of days, tagging along on all of his interviews. Meeting the Zagat team was a highlight for her. Nina is a great source of inspiration to Kat, and the things that continue to come out of this company should be an inspiration to all of us.

With the release of Windows Phone 7 handsets in the US today, several companies are rolling out apps to go along with them. Zagat is right there leading the charge with their own application. This app will be familiar to anyone who is already used to what they bring to Android or iOS. However, it’s also vastly different in many ways.

The home screen for Zagat is absolutely gorgeous on Windows Phone 7. It gives you the important details at a glance, without having to go searching for them. Zagat built something from the ground up to take advantage of the visuals found inside of this new mobile operating system. This app displays info from Foursquare users in the form of tips, as well as from Foodspotting users who post photos of food.

It was interesting to note in the interview that lead developer Ryan says that they still enjoy creating things for the iPhone the most. It’s the easiest platform to “get right” from a development standpoint. He also notes that they receive the most feedback and traffic from iOS users, making it even easier for them to know exactly what their customers are looking for in a mobile experience.

Zagat Puts Reviews in Your Hands

At first glance, Nina Zagat looks like any other woman you might happen to meet in New York City. She is pleasant and personable, with a huge smile that lights up her entire face. Spend even just two minutes speaking to her, though, and you’ll understand why she and her husband Tim have made Zagat Rating and Review guides into a household name. She embodies everything that one would hope to find in an entrepreneur. Nina is smart, creative and passionate about what they’re doing in the NYC offices. She also has a damn good eye on the future and what they need to do to keep up with the times.

Zagat Survey began as a hobby for Tim and Nina back in 1979. They saw a need for good restaurant guides, and wanted to fill that gap. I believe it is this enthusiasm and love for what they are doing that has carried them to the top over the years. They became a leader in the social space before the social space was even defined. In the years since their launch, they have expanded to become the world’s most trusted source to help consumers make informed decisions about restaurants, nightspots, hotels, attractions and other leisure activities.

Zagat is working hard to lead the mobile push, as well. Nina chuckles when she speaks of the ways they are pushing forward to embrace the mobile market. She admits that the majority of their users come from iPhone owners… but they are working hard to improve their Android app and their upcoming Windows Phone 7 app. Look for information about that here on launch day – November 8th!

Today, Zagat Survey® has expanded to cover more than 100 countries worldwide and a range of leisure activities including dining, travel, nightlife, shopping, golf, theater, movies and music. Zagat content – available today on most media platforms – lets people search for and find the perfect places for their needs based a wide range of useful criteria. That breadth and depth of information has made Zagat a name that consumers can trust – even if they aren’t sure how to pronounce it.

The single best component of Zagat is the fact that their information actually comes from YOU. The surveys are filled out by consumers just like yourself… people who eat, shop, watch movies and visit local attractions. The information is compiled into a guide by Zagat’s content department. The star ratings are given based on the feedback provided by all of you.

Zagat is not just an ordinary guide book – it’s a way of life. Check them out today.