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What YouTube Tools can You Recommend?

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Rumor has it that when you reach 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, you are presented with 72 virgins. I’m not sure if that happens, but I’ll find out soon! If you want an easy way of turning any YouTube channel into a podcast, then there’s a website you need to check out. At YT Podcaster, you can convert YouTube videos into a Podcast to play on your iPod, Zune and more.

Simply enter a YouTube username to create a Video Podcast from their 20 most recent YouTube videos. Or alternately, enter the URL to a single YouTube video to download the MP4 file. That’s all you need to do! You’re one click away from subscribing to any YouTube channel, and being able to listen to your favorite videos on the go.

YT Podcaster is an easy way for you to change a regular old YouTube channel into a Podcast feed, completely with MP4 video enclosures. If you want a more convenient way to convert a YouTube video into MP4 format, you can also check this out. Type the word kick before the video URL. For example: http://www.kickyoutube.com/watch?v=WqQZQfD6jsk.

Instead of just the video, I now have a cool header above it. It gives me options to download the same video into nearly any format you can imagine. This is just another tool you may want to use to enhance your video watching experience.

What tools do you use for YouTube?

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