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Your Opinion is the Only One That Matters

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Yes, it’s true – the world revolves around you – and only you! Your opinion is the only one that matters, right? No one else on this planet counts. No one cares what they think. Right?


You may not like something, but that doesn’t mean that others won’t. What someone finds to be helpful may seem “dumb” to you. But why does that mean you should automatically dismiss or bash it?

If you don’t like something being done, it’s fine to offer advice and suggestions. It’s NOT so cool to be snide, rude and outright hostile about things – as though your opinion is the only one that matters. Try stating what you think and feel nicely… even giving actual solid suggestions… and see how much further that gets you in life.

Should We Use YouTube Moderation?

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Have you tried YouTube’s Moderation feature yet? If not, why not? If so, will it be worth keeping around for us to use? To me, it seems interesting – but relatively stunted if we can’t get a lion’s share of people to use it to generate good ideas. I’m not going to answer the same questions over and over again.

YouTube moderation in our channel will allow you pose a question or even offer up a topic for a future recording. The community can vote on whether your idea is good or not. Head over to the profile page, scroll down past the favorites to the moderator session. It’s already live on the page – at least for now. We’ll see how things go before I decide if we keep it active permanently or not.

You’ll need to sign in with a Google account, such as from Gmail or Google Docs. If we have a lot of fruitful topics and possibilities arise from your crowd-sourcing ideas, we’ll keep the moderation turned on. Answer the question of what video I should do next. Once you’ve submitted your answer, people can vote it up or down.

We can also turn these questions back to the community. If I don’t have the time to do something specific (such as build a computer), there’s always a chance that we could upload a video submitted by one of you showing off your building skills.

Keep your questions fresh and interesting. Make sure it’s something I haven’t already answered a hundred times, and that it’s something others will want to know. This is your chance to help define the YouTube channel.

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