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Healthy Body – Healthy Mind – Healthy Geek

I’m sure by now you’ve seen my Yoga video, right? I’ve come to realize in recent months that my level of productivity had decreased. I simply no longer had the energy to keep up with all I had to do. I know my stress levels were through the roof. What I didn’t realize is that having a healthy mind is also tied to having a healthy body… and vice versa. By getting out and participating in more physical activities, I’m also learning to relax my mind, and de-stress myself. It’s working, too… I have renewed energy and enthusiasm!

How do you relax? What’s your little secrets and tricks that you use in order to try to keep some semblance of order and peace in your mind? One thing I have always done, as you know, is to read up on what is going on in our community. I learn things, I laugh at things, and I even at times empathize with things.