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Malware by the Millions

One of the disheartening pieces of news recently came from PandaLabs. The security firm reported that the new strains of malware for last year numbered in the millions. That is not a typing error. There were literally many millions of pieces of new malware.

Security company PandaLabs has claimed that it recorded more new malware in 2009 than in its 20 year history, identifying 25 million new strains in just one year compared to a total of 15 million since the company began.

This is malicious software that wants your banking codes, wants your personal information for identity theft, wants to turn your computer into a spam spewing bot, or other such malevolent intents. If you are on the Internet, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to online security. It is not an exaggeration to say that when you are online, your computer is at risk.

You may be nodding in agreement and saying to yourself that you know this (hopefully because you read the security material on our sites). However, chances are that you have friends or family members who pay little to no attention to computer security. Not only do they endanger themselves… but they are also a danger to others. We are all connected online. Those people who ignore computer security are comparable to those who buy ‘products’ from spammers.

Do a good deed, and tell these people that they should have an anti-virus, a firewall, and at least one anti-spyware program running at all times. For an anti-spyware program, we are recommending SUPERAntiSpyware. We have an excellent deal for you (and for you to recommend) that offers real time protection.

SUPERAntiSpyware has “real-time blocking of threats! Prevent potentially harmful software from installing or re-installing! First Chance Prevention examines over 50 critical points of your system each time your system starts up and shuts down to eliminate threats before they have a chance to infect and infiltrate your system.”

SUPERAntiSpyware will detect and remove spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, dialers, worms, keyloggers, hijackers, rootkits, and many other types of threats. This program is easy to use and it is effective. SUPERAntiSpyware is being offered at a special rate for our readers. There is a ten dollar ($10.00) saving until January 20, 2010.

This is a program that is highly recommended within the security community. People who work on these pages use it and recommend it, too. Suggest this security program to your friends and family. The amount of malware probably will continue to increase this year. We are trying to make it as easy and as economical as possible for our readers and their friends to protect themselves and your computers.

SUPERAntiSpyware – Special Savings for our Community

Security threats seem to be in the news constantly. Just yesterday, it was reported that a phony Facebook application was putting some people in danger of being Identity Theft victims. There are daily examples of security exploits online. I’m not trying to scare you into considering protection software. This is a reminder that there are very real dangers online.

You may think you are careful enough. However, no one can be vigilant 100% of the time. There are drive-by downloads that can install things on your machine without your even having to click a link. This is the type of incidence that calls for an excellent security regime on your computer. Kat recommends using layers of protection. You should have an Anti-Virus, a Firewall, and at least one Anti-Spyware program running at all times. If you’re not sure what Anti-Spyware you should be using, we have an excellent deal for you.

SUPERAntiSpyware is a comprehensive, highly-recommended program. People all over the Security community – Kat included – regularly tout SAS as one of the best pieces of security software you can have in your arsenal.

SUPERAntiSpyware will detect and remove Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, Hijackers, Rootkits and many other types of threats. It even has built-in real time protection, to alert you to things attempting to install themselves or make changes on your system.

As a special consideration for our community, you can save $10.00 off the normal price of SUPERAntiSpyware between now and March 3rd, 2009.

You might be interested in the background behind this product. The founder of this product is Nick Skrepetos. Nick is well known for products like Pop-Up Stopper and SuperAdBlocker. These are well known and ’super’ products. He brings decades of experience to the Spyware wars. Nick and his team are in Anti-Spyware forums, and keep tabs on current issues. That is important because dangers may appear daily and protection/security programs must be nimble enough to respond quickly. Nick stands behind this product – and emails/questions are answered.

I know how important it is to you to have a trouble free computer. This program will help… and at this price, it is an excellent value. I have no reservations when I suggest that you have SUPERAntiSpyware on your machine.

How to Protect Yourself from Mac OS X Trojans

There’s all sorts of news about trojans being unleashed on Mac OS X. However, there’s only one fool-proof way of protecting yourself from trojans on Mac OS X:


This way, there’s little chance of you installing trojans in the first place. If you were stupid enough to pirate software, you deserve everything that happens to you and your system. Yeah, that goes for Windows users, too – if you pirate content and your system gets hosed, you have nobody but YOURSELF to blame. Stop blaming Microsoft for YOUR problems.

I actually received an email the other day from someone claiming that LimeWire installed viruses on his system. Well, he was right – and yet completely wrong. This recent outbreak of Mac OS X trojans doesn’t illustrate how vulnerable Mac OS X is so much as it shows that users, no matter the platform, can be unethical and stupid.

If you pirated iWork, you got a trojan. If you pirated Adobe CS4, you got a trojan. Either way, you do NOT have my sympathies.

What is the Best Anti-Spyware Software?

Malware today is complex, and Windows users have had enough. More and more of you are fighting back by learning how to protect yourselves. You take advice from people like Kat, who have years of experience in combating these problems. What programs do you use for protection?

ZoneAlarm Internet Suite does an all-in-one job for me. πŸ™‚ – Kol Tregaskes

MACs – Mona N.

your brain coupled with education. mona: OSX does have malware, tho requires more social engineering to get them working as a general rule. If you’re packing windows and want to clear off anything you think might have gotten on, Malware Bytes is a good little app without bloat of craptastic apps that have more "brand recognition". – alphaxion

Common sense? – Tad the meme maker

Microsoft Defender/AVG Free/Avast/Adaware/ZoneAlarm free/whatever free malware/security apps you prefer. Oh and having a good email provider that scans your mail for malware before it’s even in your inbox will get rid of a lot of your risk. Using a modern browser will also reduce your risk greatly. Beyond that, understanding how to safely use a PC is the best defense. – Alex Scoble CISSP

I second Mona. Use Mac – Leandro Ardissone

Avast – Stagekid

Not to be glib, but why do Windows users put up with this? What if your toilet violently geysered raw sewage one out of every six flushes? Wouldn’t you start to seriously look into an alternative instead of buying a bigger mop? – stretta

Your toilet doesn’t have people constantly trying to do whatever they can to clog it up. But yeah, in cases where you have to deal with that you hire a plumber on contract and get an industrial toilet. True story, my brother Ben had to do just that for his bar because people would invariably plug up the toilets every weekend. He has a plumber come in every Monday to snake them out. – Alex Scoble CISSP

none – adolfo foronda

And if you think being on OS X or Linux protects you from any of this stuff, think again. There are plenty of people on this planet who could totally pwn your OS X or Linux box if they so chose. – Alex Scoble CISSP

When they had that contest a year ago or so, wasn’t the OS X machine the first to be hacked? Anyway, ESET Smart Security or whatever it’s called. NOD32 + spyware + firewall. Unbeatable. – Akiva Moskovitz

If they target you. You’re still a lot safer than on Windows. – Tanath

akiva: that was the pwn to own competition.. and just to clarify, yes it was the apple to be owned first followed by the windows mahcine the next day to the same app.. cause the kernels of osx, windows and linux are so tight noone bothered until they opened it up to 3rd party apps and flash took it in the neck on both systems. – alphaxion

I don’t think there is a single best. None will catch everything, so you need to use your brain. But a combination of apps can catch most things. – Tanath

Sorry, Tanath, but for the average user that’s simply not true. – Alex Scoble CISSP

I use Avast. – Molly, the Vampy Vampire

I just surf the net with a machine that has no consequence, so I can nuke it and start over anytime. – Brian Norwood

cool – Loic Le Meur

vigilance, obscurity, anonymity + good ole Mac πŸ˜‰ – ~C4Chaos

of course, if you want the ultimate in security, run a virtual machine with undo disks enabled. finished browsing? hit the x and ditch any changes πŸ™‚ – alphaxion

Mac OSX – Gerard van Schip

I guess maybe it’s time to rethink my OSX makes me safe plan of action. – dee Harvey

What do you use? Are you happy with it? Have you ever been the victim of a Malware infection?

Windows Users – Patch Today!

Yo! Kat wanted to get your attention – if you’re a Windows user (or know of any). If you know much about her, you know that she’s been doing Malware removal for about six years now. She’s been a Microsoft MVP for the past three years in Windows Security. Security is a passion of hers, so you really need to pay attention to this word of warning.

There is a new and very serious Worm that has been unleashed. Gimmiv.A will drop three files, and then start up a service on unpatched systems. It will also drop and load a few .DLLs onto the machine. The worm will collect system information from the compromised computer, collect passwords from the Windows protected storage and Outlook Express passwords cache, and post collected details to a remote host.

If you are using any Windows systems, I strongly urge you to log into your Windows update today and apply all critical updates. As always, you can check out my Security recommendations, or read another article I wrote explaining many ways you can stay protected.

Please spread the word?