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Hooray for World War III

I’m not a political or religious blogger – but I’ve been wanting to say something about the current Israeli/Hezbollah situation in the Middle East. Either way, I’m going to catch flames for bringing it up – even though I can’t turn around without reading or hearing running commentary. Ponzi and I have certainly discussed it in private, but I just wanted to point out something that Dave wrote last night. He says Israel is Wrong. This is Dave’s position, and I believe it’s important enough to share:

Hezbollah has every right to have defenses against Israel. If I’m not mistaken, Hezbollah didn’t start firing rockets into Israel until they were attacked by Israel. Okay, they took two Israeli soldiers hostage. And now Israel has killed hundreds of Lebanese, destroyed large parts of the country and its infrastructure. It’s enough already. Even a Jew like myself sees how wrong the Israeli position is.

I’m not over there, I’m not fighting a war, I’m not in the military, I’m not Israeli, I’m not Lebanese, I’m not a Muslim, I’m not Jewish, I’m not Christian, I’m not a Bhuddist, etc. – but I hope to “God” that these conflicts end before someone drops a nuke. There’s a time to fight for what you believe is right, and there comes a time when that very fight is taken too far – like when non-threatening persons are eliminated. Watch this video – I don’t think it’s appeared on any American networks.

Your twisted Austin Powers quote for the day is: “There are only two things I can’t stand in this world: people who are intolerant of other people’s religions… and religion.”

UPDATE: I have a solution! What we could do is blow each other up – every person on the planet. Nobody should survive if this is done right. We can toss bombs at one other until we’ve eliminated every last human being on Earth. I’m game if you are! I’m willing to make that sacrifice (and sacrifice everybody else in the process). Are you ready? I bet we could find some cheap explosives on eBay or something (so long as nobody goes to war with them first). Now, the only question that remains: who’s going to shoot first? I’ll fight you for the right to shoot first, and shoot you first even if you win. Let’s all just blow each other up – seriously. It’ll be the ultimate flame war. Everybody wins and loses at the same time. Awesome.