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World Cup: England vs USA in LEGO

This fantastic piece of LEGO video art was featured on the Guardian website today. This clip shows the highlights of the England vs USA match during the World Cup in South Africa, including both goals.

Being in the U.S., I have to say I particularly enjoyed seeing our goal in slow motion at the end. The folks who created this short film did a fantastic job of depicting emotions – using only LEGO minis!

I’m starting to think that LEGO needs to invest in some new hairstyles and wardrobe choices. A handful of different facial expressions would be nice, as well.

World Cup Players Not Allowed to Tweet

The web has exploded today with coverage of the World Cup. Everywhere you turn, there are videos, discussions and photos being posted. The games are the top trend on Twitter and talk of them is rampant on Facebook. With so much buzz surrounding the World Cup, why are many coaches banning the use of social media amongst players?

Jolie O’Dell reports on Mashable that “players on the teams from Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Argentina and England are forbidden to use social services such as Twitter. One coach, Marcelo Bielsa of Chile, banned all social networking and even put a curfew on regular or non-social Internet use during the evening.” She is quick to point out that many NFL and NBA coaches impose the same types of restrictions on their players during games.

Do you feel this is fair? Should an athlete be allowed to send a tweet from their phone when they are not on the field? Why can’t they participate in the flurry of Internet messages surrounding what they are doing?

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World Cup 2010 Country Flag List

I happened to find this nifty little trick a few moments ago on Twitter. My eye caught a few tweets that went floating by on my screen that dealt with the World Cup. The tweets were in support of completely different countries and teams, but they had one important thing in common: they all carried a tiny little country flag embedded right in the tweet. I went on a quick search around the web to find out what was up, and then tried it out for myself.

Already today, there were reports of millions of tweets being sent out that had to do with the World Cup. People on Twitter want to discuss it and show their support. Twitter has decided to respond in kind with some fun support of their own. If you send out a message with one of the short country code hashtags in it (or even the official #worldcup hashtag), a little country flag will show up next to that hashtag once your tweet hits the web.

The popular micro-blogging site has also set up an official Twitter page to help you follow all of the World Cup action. The page will help keep you updated on the events and activities and provide you with links to other important sites around the web. “Using live widgets, real-time search, and Top Tweets (updates that are currently catching the attention of many Twitter users) we’ve put together a special site to capture the spirit of the World Cup and it’s already pulsing with activity. Fans have a unique opportunity to connect with players, teams, and brands using Twitter to join the matches in a new way. We also are providing a list of suggested accounts to follow during the tournament and a World Cup theme for your profile page.”

What country are you supporting during the World Cup?