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World Cup Players Not Allowed to Tweet

The web has exploded today with coverage of the World Cup. Everywhere you turn, there are videos, discussions and photos being posted. The games are the top trend on Twitter and talk of them is rampant on Facebook. With so much buzz surrounding the World Cup, why are many coaches banning the use of social media amongst players?

Jolie O’Dell reports on Mashable that “players on the teams from Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Argentina and England are forbidden to use social services such as Twitter. One coach, Marcelo Bielsa of Chile, banned all social networking and even put a curfew on regular or non-social Internet use during the evening.” She is quick to point out that many NFL and NBA coaches impose the same types of restrictions on their players during games.

Do you feel this is fair? Should an athlete be allowed to send a tweet from their phone when they are not on the field? Why can’t they participate in the flurry of Internet messages surrounding what they are doing?

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