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Download My Free Premium WordPress Theme

I rolled out and announced “WicketPixie” a few weeks ago, and was (quite honestly) hoping to have a few more fixes in place before releasing v1.0 to the galaxy. Despite a handful of hiccups, you’re welcome to download and try WicketPixie on your own WordPress blog – provided you have one, or even know what to do with a theme in the first place. All Lockergnome bloggers will have the latest / most optimized version of WicketPixie:

Download Here

I cannot provide support for this particular theme – I don’t have a support team, but am welcoming any kind of community involvement for helping others with its deployment elsewhere. Garry Conn created this nice installation / configuration guide, too. Since this theme is free, I’d suggest making a donation before emailing me with support questions (which I may or may not have the ability to answer).

The following notes assume you’re using WordPress 2.5.1 (or a similar version) and PHP5. Please read this entire post before installing the theme and emailing me questions I’ve already taken the time to answer / address. Please? You might also watch Andrew’s WicketPixie Installation Videocast.

  • You’ll definitely want to edit the home.php file to add your OWN stuff to it – and if you can’t figure it out, you should be able to safely remove home.php and WordPress should fall back to the default (generic) index.php for your home page. Unfortunately, there’s no other way of modifying the home page template at this point.
  • You’ll probably want to tweak the CSS files to suit your tastes. I have made quite a few minor modifications to it for my own use on my own blog.
  • The sidebar widgets are placed as such.
  • To add your social sources to WicketPixie (which you can see in my sidebar and on my “Social Me” page), make sure the WicketPixie Source Manager plugin is enabled on your plugins management page. Once that is done, you should find the “WicketPixie Sources” option in your blog’s “Manage” area. This is where you can add your social accounts at will.
  • Your sources will show up in your blog only after you add the “WicketPixie: My Profiles” widget to one of your sidebars (configured in your regular ol’ WordPress Widgets settings page). If you would like your own “Social Me” / lifestream page, you need only create a new WordPress page and use the “Activity Stream” template for it.
  • You can have your own news aggregator page with WicketPixie, if you add your favorite sites and feeds to “WicketPixie Faves” found under the WordPress Manage menu. Once your feeds have been added, you will need to create a new Page and use the “Faves” template for it. If you wish to remove the default feeds, you will likely have to edit the faves.php template by hand.
  • If you run into random “not writable” errors, make sure the directory in question is writable – which should go without saying, but if you need assistance with this I would suggest contacting your system administrator rather than trying to fix something yourself.
  • They’re not necessary, but I strongly recommend installing the following WordPress plugins: WPtouch, FirstRSS, Chunk URLs, and Admin Drop Down Menu.
  • If you can, please keep the default credit links in place – I’d really appreciate it.
  • You may receive a “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in activity.php on line 41.” Since I didn’t program the app, I have no idea what’s wrong or how to fix it.
  • If you want more Related Links options, you can move that plugin out of the wicketpixie plugin directory, and into your regular ol’ WordPress plugins directory. If you’re not sure how to do it, please leave well enough alone.
  • It’s simple to change colors, fonts, and the background image for WicketPixie by looking in the Design section of WordPress – “WicketPixie Options” will be found under there.
  • There is a “Share” menu in the top bar that’s hidden by default. You can edit the property for #topbar-share in the screen.css file – change “display: none” to “display: inline” to make it show up. Then, edit the appropriate section in header.php – it’s ready for the ShareThis code, too!
  • If you receive a “Fatal error: Class ‘SourceUpdate’ not found in wp-content/themes/wicketpixie/header.php on line 85” error, it’s because you forgot to enable the WicketPixie Source Manager plugin in WordPress.
  • If you receive the “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in wp-content/plugins/sourcemanager.php on line 19” error, it’s because your Web host needs to be using PHP5.
  • The logo at the top of the theme is your gravatar, and you should already know how to make your own gravatar by now (free).

You can read more about this theme or watch the screencast for more information or guidance.