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The Alphabet Game

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Are you a fan of word games? Test your reflexes and hand-eye coordination with Alphabetic. There are several different challenges which will unlock badges as you meet them, and you can customize your own experience. If you can tear yourself away from this addictive little game, you can disable the timer and slow things down to help younger children learn their ABCs.

The object of the game is to locate all of the letters in the alphabet before your timer runs out. It’s not as easy as it sounds because the game has tons of cool animations that it uses to display the letters. This makes it harder and harder to find them quickly.

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Web Browser Games

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I consider myself an extreme casual gamer (which is why I spent this weekend at home playing Web games instead of rubbing shoulders with stinky geeks at PAX across town). Not sure if you’d heard of these two in particular, but I’d be surprised if you had – unless you were following me on Twitter and Facebook, then you would have found out about these two and a helluva lot more long before this video was uploaded.

Scrabb.ly was created by a Seattle-area developer in less than twenty-four hours’ time. This is a very cool MMO word-game where you continue to build words on tiles.

Swarmation is another online multi-player game where each pixel is a person from somewhere in the world. The idea is to get everyone to work together to form the specified design within the time period allotted. You have to collaborate to score points.

Both of these games tie back into Node Knockout. The idea of this particular endeavor was to bring developers together to build on Node.JS to build things based on JavaScript. The list is seriously extensive if you scroll through to take a look. There are a ton of games and services.

If you have browsed the list at Node Knockout and have found something I might like that wasn’t reviewed in this video, leave me a link in the comments section. I’d hate to miss out on something else I can get addicted to.

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Increase Self-Awareness with Word Games

Have you ever tried to describe yourself in six words or less? It’s not as easy to do as one might think… if you’re honest about it. This is actually an excellent exercise to help raise your self-awareness. Even if you don’t want to share your words with the rest of us, I urge you to sit down and try this. There is one “rule” for this little game: You cannot use words such as “friendly” or even “fun.” I want you to really dig deep. What words do you honestly feel tell who you really ARE?

Becoming more self-aware allows us to be confident in our strengths. It also helps us to think more about what our weaknesses are. We can then figure out what we need to do to improve those areas of ourselves that we may not be completely happy with.

Go ahead – tell us which six words best describe you!

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What’s the Best Word Games on the iPhone?

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If you like word games, and you have an iPhone, you definitely want to check this game out. WordsWorth will remind you of the TumbleBees game that many of you are addicted to online. WordsWorth is a difficult but really fun word game where you have to find the hidden words in a big honeycomb-looking grid.

In WordsWorth, you earn points for every word you spell. When you’ve gotten enough points, you will move on to the next level. You can tap the tiles with your finger when forming a word, or run your finger from one tile to the next, whichever is faster for you.

During the game, you’ll find special tiles to help you. The tiles do things like boost your word score or act as a wild card. There’s also one that must be used before a timer runs out, or the game is over. You are able to shuffle the tiles a few times per game. But beware – each time you shuffle, you get stuck with another of those timed tiles!

If you know of other cool word games – or any other cool iPhone App games that I haven’t gottenaround to trying out yet – feel free to shoot me an email so I can share it with the World.

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