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I'm Not Buying a Zune!!!

d00d! I can’t wait! I’m not going to buy a Zune tomorrow! I’m going to bed early tonight so that I can get up late tomorrow (and avoid going to stores altogether, so that I can be sure that I won’t buy a Zune). Are you not buying a Zune? We can start up a club of people who aren’t buying Zunes, because if you’re not buying a Zune – you’re not alone. I can’t wait to not buy my Zune. It’s going to be awesome. Or, not awesome?

Barenaked Stephen

A few weeks ago, I got a note from a guy. At first, I thought it was junk – turned out to be a barenaked goldmine. Barenaked Ladies man, Stephen Page, has completed “The Vanity Project” and they’ve got the first single available on the site: That’s All, That’s All. Don’t ask me why they went with RealMedia (RAM, not MP3 or WMA).

The first release on FLAGSHIP will be the self-titled album from The Vanity Project, which features Barenaked Ladies’ lead singer Steven Page. The Vanity Project is a collaboration between Page and his frequent co-writing partner, Stephen Duffy, and is tentatively set for a late-June release. The album includes 12 songs, 11 of which are Page-Duffy compositions.

It’s worth a listen, and based on it – the album is a must-have for any dedicated BNL fan.