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Windows Vista Clipboard Secret

If you need to copy the full path for a file (or any object), press SHIFT before right-clicking it and you should see a “Copy as Path” option in the context menu. Could certainly prove useful in your day-to-day file operations, although I’d also recommend both on ShellToys and CopyURL for extended shell clipboard functionality. Why Windows (or OS X) doesn’t ship with the ability to hold more than one item on the clipboard is crazy. We have plenty of RAM these days. More Windows Vista tips to come…

Who Needs Windows Vista?

The idea of a breadcrumb bar in the Windows Explorer is fantastic – it’s one of my favorite features of Windows Vista. It’s not “killer,” but it’s certainly useful – and it’s also available for Windows XP through the free Explorer Breadcrumbs extension. That’s one less reason to upgrade to Windows Vista when it goes gold in a few weeks. I installed the Vista RC1 refresh yesterday and discovered only incremental improvements. I’m having sushi with Dave Vronray in the near future – where I’ll be able to point out thousands of Vista UI oversights (in person).