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Windows Live Essentials Preview

Windows Live Wave 4 Essentials beta was released today, but not everyone is happy. Zack Whittaker says simply that “it’s awful.” When describing the Mail portion of the app, Zack states “the program is clunky, sluggish and feels like it’s been thrown together by an angry child at best.” That doesn’t sound good. The only portion that Aack likes at all is Sync, which he claims works flawlessly.

Paul Thurrott, the Windows IT Pro, is much more optimistic in his review. In part: “Messenger is expanding to become the center of Microsoft’s social networking strategy and will integrate with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and whatever else it is that people are doing these days. The sharing possibilities here are impressive, but I’m most excited by the news that Microsoft is going to deliver a native Windows Live Messenger application for the iPhone. We’re entering a new era here, folks.”

Formerly known as Windows Live Wave 4, Windows Live Essentials is available for download as a beta copy. The Microsoft software includes a suite of free applications including IM (instant messaging), photo/movie editor, email client and a live blogging tool.

If you’ve already tried out the beta, what are your thoughts so far?

Don't Put Your Phone in Your Pocket!

Our good friends over at CNET recently had the misfortune of having the screen on their gorgeous Nexus One review unit crack for no apparent reason. The phone was sent to the folks at HTC Support to be tested and looked at. The result was a flippant “We’re as mystified as you are”. The support personnel contend that there is no way the screen could crack in the manner it did while it wasn’t being handled. They were also quick to point out that the device isn’t meant to slip into someone’s pants pockets, as that would surely damage it.

How many of you throw your phone in your pocket or handbag? I am willing to bet about 90% of you have your hand up right now. Do these companies really expect we’re going to gently hold our phone in our hand at all times, babying it as though it were a living being? That is just absurd. We put it in our pocket! Women stuff them in their purses or bags or whatever the heck that contraption is that they carry at all times.

Is it just me, or should a phone be made well enough that it can stand up to being carried in my jeans pocket?! Who’s with me??