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Will Kinect Kill the Wii?

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Someone asked if Microsoft’s Kinect will “kill” the Wii. I really hate that whole “kill” mentality.

In any case, I don’t think it will happen. I think that the Kinect will be a gateway drug of sorts – it will encourage people who never wanted an Xbox 360 to grab one. The Wii and the Kinect systems are so completely different, that many people will choose between them – or use both.

I don’t know if one technology will “trump” a second technology. Comparing the two of them really isn’t fair. They truly are different.

What do you think about the Kinect? Is it better than the Wii? Or, is that even a fair comparison to make? Should Microsoft encourage Kinect hacking? Inquiring minds wanna know.

Stop the Facebook Chain Message Madness!

If you’re on Facebook, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Recently, we’ve seen more than our fair share of chain messages making their way around, but not in our Inbox. These lovely little pieces of garbage are being sported right in the status boxes of thousands of profiles! One message claimed that if you re-posted it as your status, Facebook would donate a dollar to the Haiti relief efforts. Yet another was supposedly only for women. They were supposed to post their color of certain undergarments in their status pane, leaving the men to guess what it referred to.

It was only a matter of time, I suppose, before things like this made their way onto social media platforms. We’ve already had to deal with “legitimate” spam, of course. Now, we have to try not to tear out our hair every time we see yet another of these over-forwarded messages on Facebook and even Twitter. I promise you… Facebook isn’t donating a dollar for every person that posts that particular message. And, of course, you aren’t going to see some random woman’s bra or panties if you post the color of them in your status!

Just think about what you’re doing before you blindly click on or forward a link? And if you need links to click on, try these – posted by our community today. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Don’t forget to take a moment to stop by our software center to see what hot new software deals we have for you today!

Wii Fit Plus Review

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This is a great time of year to have this particular screencast submitted for our channel! Many people are still looking for that perfect last-minute gift idea… and others are already thinking of how to lose those extra holiday pounds! This is the first time Joe has done a screencast such as this, and I think he did a great job! He took a different approach than many have done, and it worked out well. He’s taking a look at the Wii Fit Plus.

Wii Fit is not an exercise program. It is, however, an introduction to physical activity. It was very significant for Joe in that it helped him lose 20 pounds, and made him more aware of the level of inactivity that had been in his life.

Wii Fit Plus boasts three new features: new activities, a way to track the health of your pet, and the ability to customize your workout. Yes, that’s right… you can track the health and weight of your pet in your home! Think your cat is too fat? Keep track of it on the Wii!

The Wii Balance Board can read your real-life movements and bring them to life on screen, just like the Wii Remote controller. New features include a calorie burning counter, the ability for users to create custom fitness regimens or choose from a number of specialized routines based on specific objectives and available time, as well as having the option to create profiles for pets and babies. Users will also be able to navigate more quickly between exercises.

Joe did a great job reviewing the Wii Fit Plus, and giving us an insider’s look at how it works. Don’t forget that it’s not too late for you to submit a screencast for possible use in our channels.

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What Technology has Shaped Your Life

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My cousin, Dr. Adrian Lamberti, is writing a book about technology, and wants your help. She and her co-author are putting together a book about technological history. It will look at watershed moments in communications technology, beginning with the advent of email and the World Wide Web back in the 90s. Take a listen to the video and hear the list they’ve already come up with. Then, leave a comment on the corresponding post in my blog with your ideas. Who knows? You may contribute to the book!

She also lists such things, such as MMORPGs, Google, Flickr, Twitter, blogging, Facebook, and MySpace. Also collaborative media such as Google Docs. They’ve even listed the iPhone and iPod Touch!

They are coming at this from one disciplines’ point of view. It will be radically different than what your list might be. What suggestions do you have for Adrian and her writing partner? What can you think of in the world of tech that has really impacted and/or changed your life?

[awsbullet:writing for dummies]

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How Do You Find Friends on the Wii?

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I have a Mii on my Wii. Both of my brothers do, as well. Bringing us all together isn’t always easy to do. My brother Adam found a website where you can share your Mii ID with others! On Wiiff, you can share your profile, your Mii character, your game codes, and more!

You can add friends to your account, and your Profile page is now a dashboard for all your communication needs. There will be a lot of improvements and customization options in the coming months, but we’re off to a solid start. We’re also adding video to the site! So, make some Wii videos and send us a link.

What’s really neat is that this is the only place that I know of on the Web where you can go to compare your Wii with others! You can earn points for your coolness factor, and more. Share your friend and game codes, join into games with others, and even challenge each other.

This brings a whole new level of interactivity to the Wii experience. If you want to do any kind of online game playing, or compare yourself to others and their Wii characters, this is where you need to be. Sign up for Wiiff completely free. This is the missing link to the whole online game experience. Kudos to Ian Corbin for making this possible!

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Wanna Win a Wii?

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Do you want a Wii? How would you like to win a Wii? You may be the winner if I am the winner of the Wii! The contest is open until Feb 6th, and all you have to do is click the mouse a couple of times! Head over to Geeks and get registered for a free account. Once you’re hooked up, click on the main page where you see Our Current Contest – Win a Wii!, which takes you to the rules page.

All you have to do is click the giant boxing glove for a sneak preview of the new “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” game. After you’ve clicked, leave a comment in that thread, telling me why you want to win a Wii. Or, you can also leave a comment in the corresponding blog post that I wrote up for this contest.

That’s honestly all you have to do. If I am the grand prize winner in this contest – I will win a Wii. And if I win a Wii – one of YOU will get the Wii! I can’t make it any easier to help one of you win!

I launched this contest the morning I made this video, and there were already over 200 comments that people have left, trying to win. Make sure to get your comment in there so that you have a shot as well.

Someone is going to win a Wii… it might as well be you! I already have a Wii, so it will be a wee bit of fun to give this one away if we win!

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Ready 2 Rumble Revolution (and How to Win a Wii)

There’s a chance you can win a Wii:

  1. Click this Ready 2 Rumble Revolution badge on or before February 6, 2009. That’s the giant red boxing glove you see below – that’s what you have to click first.
  2. Then, leave a comment below (in this post) explaining why you want a Wii.
  3. If we generate the most legitimate clicks through this badge, I’ll be the grand prize winner – and if that happens, I’ll give the Wii to one of those who comment below.

Pretty easy to do, no?

Okay, now if you haven’t figured it out by now – Ready 2 Rumble Revolution is the next installation in the series. It’s pretty much like the other R2R games you’ve known and loved, except for one small detail: it’s now available on the Wii. Suffice it to say, R2R is probably the funniest boxing video game you’ll ever experience. Time to stand up and start swinging your Wiimote and Wii nunchuk until you get a TKO!

So, the first thing you need to do is click the giant boxing glove here:

And if you’ve never loved R2R, maybe the chance of winning a Wii for yourself will change your mind?

So, are you ready to rumble? [and yes, “The Voice of the Champions,” Michael Buffer, famous for his “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” remark, will be the host of your R2R Revolution gaming experience.]

How to (not) Sing with Guitar Hero World Tour

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With the recording of this video, I lost my Guitar Hero virginity. The first thing I wanted to attempt was to sing. It’s not that bad… right? I have the new Guitar Hero World Tour for my Xbox, so I had to play it live, of course!

Guitar Hero World Tour builds on the existing gameplay from previous Guitar Hero games, in which players attempt to simulate the playing of rock music using special guitar-shaped controllers. World Tour expands beyond the core guitar-based gameplay by introducing the ability to play drums or sing vocals, and supporting the ability for up to four players to play together in a virtual band through these different instruments. Successfully hitting notes increases the player’s or band’s score, as well as increase the “Rock Meter” that represents the song’s performance. Missed notes are not scored and negatively affect the Rock Meter. If the Rock Meter drops too low, the song ends prematurely, with the virtual audience booing the band off stage. Similar to Rock Band, the band shares a common score and scoring multiplier and band performance meter while each player has their own performance metric; the band also shares the same Star Power meter, and all members of the band must perform the appropriate moves at the same time to activate it. A player that performs poorly and reduces their performance meter to zero can still continue to play, but they drain the overall performance meter for the band, requiring the other players to make up for this. Successfully completing a song garners a three to five-star rating based on the accumulated score, and rewards such as in-game money to be used to buy new guitars and outfits for characters.

Guitar Hero Coupons & Deals:

What do you think? Should I be the next Kurt Cobain and head out on my own World Tour?

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Have you Tried the Wii Zapper Gun Yet?

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I know a lot of you still love playing Duck Hunt when you have the chance. It’s hard to find the game, or the things you need to play it. I wonder how long it’ll be before Nintendo releases Duck Hunt for the Wii. After all, they have a Zapper now! I bought one of these recently for Ponzi, because she loves to play ‘gun games’.

The Wii Zapper will bring together your Wii Remote and Nunchuck into one cool device. You can use the Nunchuck to steer, and the Remote to zap whatever needs to be destroyed. The Zapper is simple to put together. All you need to do is slide your Wii Remote above the trigger, and then put the Nunchuck on the back… and you’re off!

The Zapper comes with Links Crossbow Training. This is a great game, and one of the first ones I was addicted to. Since the game is included, you can start Zapping immediately. I’m a fan of Nintendo. I’m a fan of zapping things. And now.. I’m a fan of the Wii Zapper.

What kind of Zapping sound do you make? Let me know what you think about the Wii. Are you addicted?

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Isn't Mario Kart Wii Fun?

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I’ve been having a Wii bit of fun lately, playing Mario Kart on my Wii. It’s addictive. I picked it up after seeing a commercial where the player is using the little steering wheel. Even though it’s wireless, I’m using my strap. I don’t want it to go flying across the room! I totally don’t want it hitting my dog and giving him brain damage.

If you’ve ever played a racing game on a hand-held device or even a controller, you know that you tilt it whichever way you need your car to go. If the controller isn’t built like the Wiimote, it won’t do you any good. Finally, the hardware has caught up with our own deficiencies as humans!

Anyway… I decided to give this a shot to see if it was going to be as fun as I’ve been hearing. Indeed… it is a ton of fun, if you’re not losing. Normally I wouldn’t hold the controller as high as I am now, but I wanted you all to be able to see that my actions have equal reactions in the game. Interesting to note is that even though I lost the game, Nintendo has thought of pretty much everything. Not only can I move up and down the way you’d think I could… I can also press the right and left buttons to go up and down.

You don’t really have to move the Steering Wheel that far. You basically just tilt to maneuver. Of course, visually and audibly, it’s an amazing game. You do almost have a tendency to over-steer with this game. It’s interesting, too, that the character leans when you do. I’m a casual gamer, and I enjoy gaming occasionally. I’m having fun with this wireless Steering Wheel. The game and the controller get a huge “thumbs around” from me… which is far better than a thumbs up.


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