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Embed My Live Stream and Chat on Your Windows Desktop

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If you’ve ever wanted to embed my live stream and/or chat room on your Windows desktop, it can be confusing as to how to go about it. I know that many of you have asked for tips, so I was happy to see this video done by the GTAXLLive channel.

Open up any web browser, and head to Amnesty Hypercube for Windows. Download and install the widget. Once installed, you need to right-click your desktop prior to opening it. Click “View” and make sure “Show Desktop Icons” is NOT checked.

Open up Amnesty Hypercube. At the top of your screen, you’ll see a little icon that you can click on. Choose “Create Widget from Code” from the drop-down menu. Now, point your browser towards my live stream. Once the stream loads, you’ll see a “Menu” button at the bottom of the stream. Click that, and choose “Embed”. Select and copy everything in the line that says “Live Show”.

Back in Amnesty Hypercube, click “Create Widget” from within the “Create widget from code” menu. Voila! You have my live stream on your desktop. You can move it anywhere you would like. Repeat the process to embed the chat room, only this time from the live stream, copy the embed code where it says “Chat Room”. Note that you can also embed this directly from the GeekShed network itself, as well.

That’s all there is to it! Thanks so much for making this much easier for everyone out there.

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How to Make a Mac Dashboard Widget

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If you’re a Mac user, you may want to place a personal Dashboard Widget. In this screencast, Alex is going to show you how quick and easy it is to do this! Don’t forget that you can submit your screencast for possible promotion on our channels.

The first step in developing your personal Dashboard blog widget. You need to have the SDK downloaded and installed on your computer. It won’t cost you anything to register so that you can download what you need.

Once you’ve done this, open Dashcode, which was included in the iPhone SDK. You’ll be greeted with an untitled sheet, as well as a template chooser. On the left, select Dashboard Widget, and RSS on the right side, and then click “Choose”. Your basic widget template will now be ready.

In this case, my blog was used to create a widget. The first step was to set the attributes, and going into the RSS properties. My FeedBurner feed link was pasted here under “Feed URL and Properties”. Under “Show Articles”, five was selected. You can change this to display however many you wish to see.

Now, go back to the front and apply some styling. Rename your widget to whatever it is you want. Apply simple styling, such as your own personal color scheme. You can include an avatar, such as Alex did with my Twitter avatar.

You can also customize the back of the widget to your liking!

Thanks, Alex, for an excellent tutorial. It’s clear and concise, and very easy to follow along with!

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How to Have a Chris Pirillo Live Gadget on your Windows Desktop

We’ve uploaded several awesome screencasts lately. All of you are sending in informative and high-quality tutorials for us to share with the world. It’s not too late for you to get your screencast on our channels, you know! Get busy and create something wonderful! Gabriel is a fan of our live stream, and has come up with a simple tutorial to show you how to add a gadget on your desktop to make tuning in to my stream even easier!

With just a few clicks, you’ll have a widget right on your desktop for our live stream. It even has a volume control, so that you can mute me whenever you’re busy working on other things. Why anyone would want to mute me, I have no clue! But there ya go. You have that option.

Just head over to my gallery page, and click on the “Download” button over on the right. Now click “Install”, and then choose “Open With Windows Desktop Gadgets”.

That’s all you have to do in order to have a widget right on your desktop that streams my live feed. You no longer have to visit my site, or my Ustream page! Drag the window wherever you want it on your desktop, and resize it to fit your needs. You can even close it whenever you want. Re-open it by right-clicking on your desktop and then clicking “gadgets”.

[awsbullet:windows 7 upgrade]

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How do You Improve Your Writing Skills?

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I’ve developed an acronym: PUGS. It’s short for Punctuation, Usage, Grammar and Spelling. If you remember your PUGS, then you’re going to create a better piece of text. People take you more seriously, and you will come across as a professional if you are using proper grammar. Yes, I can be forceful with my belief that you are smarter than you come across when you don’t write very well. Considering that a large part of being online is text… it’s important that you can write.

Maybe you know how to write, but you’re looking to become more creative. What resources are out there to help you? Language is a Virus won’t install malicious software on your computer. It will, however, give you a ton of new and creative ideas to get you started (or help you finish!). There are so many things on this site to help you, that I’m not even going to list everything. You need to head over there and check them all out. However, some of what you’ll find includes:

  • Poetry and random-line generators.
  • Title-o-Matic and character name generators.
  • Places on the site to post your own stories and poems.
  • Writing experiment exercises.
  • Poetry, Creativity, Writing and Language articles

If you’re having writer’s block, or even just need a little extra boost… this is an excellent resource for you. There are tons of widgets on the site that you can use should you choose. The creative writing exercises are truly amazing, and a lot of fun. You’ll even find articles and tutorials helping you along your path to writing a novel or screenplay!

You don’t need to have a degree in English, nor do you have to speak English as your primary language to get a lot of use out of this site. No matter how good you are (or aren’t!), you’ll get even better with practice.


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What are the Best Free Adobe AIR Apps

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Adobe AIR is Adobe’s entry into the field of widgets. It’s a better idea than just something on your desktop. Developers are able to create a potentially rich experience, and have it run cross-platform. Even though I think the whole Adobe AIR platform is quite ready yet, some of the apps that are available are truly getting there. I found a few of them that I think are pretty good, and I now have on my own computer.

  1. FotoBooth is an application built for fun where you can quickly snap pictures using your webcam. It offers a dozen different filters to distort your images and also integrates with flickr for one click uploads to your flickr account..
  2. iSpy uses your web cam to take a quick snap shot and save it to your local disk whenever it senses motion. If there is a level of motion that exceeds the sensitivity level, it will either take a quick snap shot and display on screen or if “Save pics to disk” is checked it will also save a copy to the user’s picture/iSpy directory.
  3. ReadAIR is an OSX Themed Desktop Client for Mac or Windows.
  4. PandoraBoy allows you to control your music with global hotkeys or your apple remote. Additionally, it supports growl notifications so that you always know what you’re listening to.
  5. ShrinkOMatic lets you resize photos easily. You can set size and ratio limits, change the output format, and then drag and drop your pictures.
  6. WebKut allows you to feed it a URL and you can snapshot it. It will save the page out as a .PDF file with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.
  7. Clevr is a seriously easy way of creating and sharing panoramic photos. It not only helps you create stunning panoramas, but it also lets you turn them into interactive images that you can move around and navigate.
  8. CL Desktop is a user friendly way to browse Craigslist. Setup just the right searches to find what your looking for, and save them for instant access anytime you need. CL Desktop is an application that runs on your desktop to bring you a better view of Craigslist postings.

So those are just a few of the applications available for Adobe AIR that you might want to check out if you haven’t already. What other AIR apps do you use and enjoy? I’d like to hear about them.

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Chumby Widget

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Recently, I showed off my new Chumby. It’s truly addictive, and the live community has had a blast being able to send messages to Chuck the Chumby. I have a user named Rotozip who created a Widget that allows them to do that. I didn’t remember the username RotoZip, until he reminded me he is the person who created the “iAlertYou”. It’s a program that I featured in my “Top 100 Mac Apps” list. It’s an equivalent to a car alarm, only for your laptop.

This is Chumby the personal internet player. Since getting this device for Christmas I have been working on a couple of widgets for it. You can see them running on my virtual Chumby above. One of the widgets is a Blockbuster widget which will display the movies you have in your queue waiting to be mailed out. The other widget is a Chris.Pirillo.com widget that allows users in his chat room to send messages to the Chumby. This device is really cool and quite fun to develop for. You can get to know what Chumby is all about and get your own at www.chumby.com.

By hanging out into our chat room, you can become a regular voiced user. Once you are a voiced user, you can add comments to the Chumby, as well!

If you are a Flash Programmer and have ideas for Chumby, or any other applications I might be able to share with others, send an email to me at [email protected]


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Email Video and Audio Annotations with Web Page Links

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How often do you send a website link to friends or family? Instead of only sending a text link, why not send them a free eyejot message telling WHY they should visit the link, as well?

eyejot.com has created a new free EyeJotThis! Widget. It works on any webpage, in any browser. Let’s say you find a new website that you want to share with your Grandma. While you’re on the site, click the widget button, and record a short message like “Hey Grams! Check out this great website, it really made my life easier” or whatever it is you’d like to tell her. Then, just email it to her. Instead of giving her just a text link, she’ll also see and hear you… your recommendation and comments!

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MoveDigital is Moving Forward

You’ve probably seen the news – Senator Edwards is using BitTorrent to distribute video now! Like Dave says, it’s a big deal. I didn’t realize that Gary Lerhaupt had the Senator lined up when he emailed me about his new MoveDigital service last night. Not sure if the following points are available anywhere else, but… here are seven things you can do with MoveDigital (as relayed by Gary himself):

  • Sign in with your Prodigem account or create a new account (all Prodigem users get a free year of service).
  • Upload your files to be served as direct downloads.
  • Convert your video and audio to mobile phone format (3GP) so that they can be streamed directly from your MoveDigital mobile page.
  • Create torrents of all your stuff.
  • Use the rectangular Web widget (the rectangle to the left of each file you upload) to easily reblog your links. The HTML for the embed can be found from the Share button.
  • Once you you have your widget on your blog, people can click the Share button to directly add bandwidth into your account to help you out (each 5GB they add, adds 1 to their own account) – aka social bandwidth sharing.
  • Enjoy the fact that bandwidth on our service acts like prepaid cell phone minutes with unlimited rollover. That is, it doesn’t recycle at the end of the month and it only disappears when you use it. Moreover, for direct downloads we only charge you for bandwidth for files which are completely transferred. If someone stops half way through, no bandwidth is considered used (though torrent and mobile hosting are done per byte).