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How to be Productive With the iPad

Whiteboard HD makes it simple for you to SEE your ideas by giving you the best environment to write notes, sketch charts and record your brainstorming sessions. Draw freeform with the drag of your finger and add pre-made shapes and lines by pinching or tapping. Choose between grid and lined backgrounds or import any image or diagram from your photo library. Heck, you can even add labels and text boxes anywhere!

The app makers have included several very cool features in order to help make this THE collaboration tool of choice. Use it for preliminary sketches, group brainstorming and student projects. Share your ideas through external monitors or projectors in many different aspect ratios when using the iPad VGA adapter. It’s pretty simple to save and bookmark your notes, images and diagrams when you are finished – right within the app’s project manager.

Some key features include:

  • Full DropBox support
  • Add images as objects on the board
  • Laser-pointer mode for external displays.
  • Export boards choosing white or transparent background

If you have a project to work through by yourself – OR with others – the Whiteboard HD app may be exactly the app you’re looking for.