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New Year’s Resolutions… What’s Yours?

Maura DesimoneMaura Desimone, from the Color and Design Trends blog found a great new gadget to help you lose weight.

A New Year begins with nothing other than a new resolution! Consistently over the years, resolutions stay pretty much the same….losing weight, spending more time with family & friends, cleaning your closets, quitting smoking, renewing your spirit, whatever it may be. In the flavor of honoring perhaps the most popular resolution of all time…weight loss…I’ve found the perfect weight loss (aka healthy eating) assistant. It’s called a “Nutrition Kitchen Scale“. I have never heard of these, but after reviewing it, I wish I had. This scale has the ability to analyze the nutritional content of your food by portion size. It calculates the calories, protein, carbohydrates, total sugars, total fat, fiber, sodium, cholesterol & carbohydrates found in your food. Not only does it help you track what you’re eating, you can also save it to the memory to more accurately track your eating habits….no cheating here! And who would mind having this sleek, stylish scale on your counter top? It’s almost art. This is a great way to support yourself for a happy & healthy New Year. Click on the photo below for more info…

Salter Nutrition Kitchen Scale - Nutri-weight

Home Gym Fitness

http://live.pirillo.com/ – A user in the chat room wanted to know how Ponzi, Chis, and Wicket burned off excess calories.

Chris uses the Tony Little Gazelle, and he just got the Gazelle Power Plus – a very low impact glider. Combining the glider with the Xbox 360 for 40 to 60 minutes per day allows Chris to lose and maintain his weight.

If you want more information on how Chris stays in shape, check out his weight loss tips.

What tools do you use to stay in shape?

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