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A Tablet PC Wedding

A few weeks ago, Ponzi suggested that we could read our marriage vows from our respective laptops during the ceremony. I was amazed that she would suggest such a thing, but it just goes to show you that she really understands me (and respects my unhealthy fascination with technology). We have a couple of relatively unsexy Thinkpad’s, and they’re not quite lightweight.

I asked a few Tablet PC enthusiasts for suggestions, having never owned a Tablet PC – or never really needing to own one. James Kendrick pointed me in the direction of TabletKiosk. A UMPC would certainly fit the bill, and two eo UMPC v7110 256/40 (white) units were soon en route to our new home address – and Ponzi was none the wiser. Feel free to watch James’s review of the hardware if you wanna know more about it.

The Ultra-Mobile PCs arrived on Thursday, and I quickly unboxed them as if it was early Christmas morning. During the wedding rehearsal, I surprised Ponzi and the wedding party by unveiling them. Ponzi joked: “Is this my wedding present!?” We had mutually agreed to skip the spousal gifts, so I figured a twin set of UMPCs was a decent compromise.

Per my dad’s suggestion, I printed a copy of our vows (and taped them to the back of each computer) – just in case something went haywire. I thought I had covered all my bases – coping the vows to each UMPC, charging the battery, shutting down all unnecessary services, etc. What I didn’t do, however, is tweak the power management settings.

The two boys (Patrick Scoble and Lane Lawley) approached the chupa and I read my vows first. Of course, I can’t wait to get everybody an audio/video copy of this part of our ceremony – a photo simply doesn’t give you the full story. Immediately after I finished, Ponzi read her vows – and as she was just about to finish, the UMPC suspended itself! Ponzi said that Windows crashed, the audience exploded in laughter, and I quickly flipped her tablet around so that she could refer to the printed copy.

It was fun to do, and I think our friends and family got a kick out of it, too. Several people wanted to know more about the TabletKiosk systems – for good reason. They’re sexy, compact, and perfect for this kind of event.

As much as it pains me to say it, one of our wedding tablets was (likely) stolen from the venue later that night. We established a crime timeframe, and security tapes were analyzed. Ponzi and I have been invited back to Harbor Club Bellevue to review the potentially incriminating footage – as the suspects are not employees. As you can imagine, I’m completely unnerved. I really, really don’t want to see who did it – and I’d ask that if you know anything about this situation, you come forward sooner rather than later.

Wedding Plans and Notes

  • Family and friends are starting to stream into town
  • I must keep my ring warm for it to slip onto my finger
  • I’m very hungry, but don’t know if I can eat
  • I have to get my car washed and my nails done today
  • The wedding rehearsal begins at 4:30 tonight
  • Our rehersal dinner is going to be awesome
  • All tuxedos have been picked up and are at the hotel
  • I should probably shower before leaving the house to get Peet’s
  • Consider me completely incommunicado until Sunday
  • When our ceremony begins, a transcript will be auto-posted here

Friends Forever

The Scobles

I’ve known Robert Scoble for years – long before blogging was blogging, and long before he was working at Microsoft. I was lucky enough to be present at his nuptuals a few years back, too. He embodies the true geek spirit, and anybody who says otherwise simply does not know Robert like I’ve known him. Maryam is, without argument, his soul mate – and I’m so happy that they’ve found one another. For this reason, I’m equally as thrilled to have Maryam as Ponzi’s matron of honor.

Asia SF - Motley Crew
Asia SF - It Wasn't My Idea

The two of ’em invited us down to stay with them at their Half Moon Bay home. Before I commit a social faux pas, I just had to say “thank you” in a public fashion. Ponzi and I had a great time. The combination bachelor / bachelorette party couldn’t have been any better. I saw a fantastic Pacific sunset, I got to hang with old friends, I got to meet industry visionaries, I got to attend a fantastic drag show at Asia SF, and I got to drink a $14 mimosa at the Ritz.

Half Moon Bay Sunset (3)
Asia SF - Scoble Gets Abreasted

I don’t have a wedding page (or site) set up yet – I think I’m just looking for the right Web template to use for it. I must document these experiences now while they’re still fresh in my mind. We’re less than a month away from getting married. Ponzi and myself, that is – not Robert and me! Anybody know of any good WordPress wedding-styled templates (or someone who could put one together for us)?