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The Wedding Video will be Online

There’s apparently only one name in town when it comes to Seattle wedding video production: Cory Bogle. Just about “everybody” has recommended him to us, including digital strangers who privately answered my public request for local videographer recommendations the other day. Knowing that we were in the eleventh hour with wedding planning (less than a month away), Ponzi and I were not expecting to hear back from Bogle Productions. A few hours ago, Cory (himself) called. Within minutes, we had secured our video package – which will be recorded in high definition!

More importantly, Cory has given us permission to share our (fully produced) wedding video with everybody online. This level of distribution was very important to both Ponzi and me, as most of our family and friends will not be able to attend the ceremony. While our video will be recorded and archived in 1080i, I’ll have to locate an HD-DVD or Blu-ray burner to put that particular format directly on a disc. We’ll likely encode the video in both high-def WMV (as well as MP4) for anybody to stream / download.

Seattle Wedding Videographer

I come to you this afternoon seeking wedding video recommendations! Do you know someone who shoots excellent HD wedding video in the Seattle area? We’d like to have more than just still photos from our wedding. Ponzi and I have seen streaming video samples from just about every other local wedding video producer, and I don’t think a single one of them looks very professional. Actually, we found one producer – but he never got back to us. At this point, we’re looking for a happy medium between elegance and affordability – as the wedding is on December 9th. I would much rather be recording the ceremony in high definition, but may have to abandon that dream altogether – as “nobdody” seems to be doing it. Moreover, I want to be able to put the video online to share with the world, but… again, we can’t seem to find the “perfect” wedding video production team. Know anybody?