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A Little Net Disaster Web Fun

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I rented a baby to crawl across the page on flickr with my childhood photographs on it. The baby can scribble to its heart’s content, and ruin the pics. Ok, so I didn’t really rent a baby. But I CAN “ruin” those pics over and over… for free!

NetDisaster.com is a blast! You don’t have to install anything, it’s all run from within your browser window. Simply enter the URL of the website you want to “destroy”, choose your method of destruction and whether you want to control it or let the computer do it… and voila! You can play around until you feel better. No one will be able to tell you were “destroying” their site, so go ahead! Scribble or drop bombs on someone’s site, it’ll make you laugh hysterically! Choose a site that you’d like to punish, or whose destruction would bring you bliss and delight, or just fun.

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