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Logitech Pro C910 Webcam Review

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The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 promises 1080p video for Mac and Windows users. However, it’s not without shortcomings as illustrated in this combination demonstration video and review of the device.

The camera is purported to provide high-definition video up to 1080p using a wide-angle lens and auto focus. Logitech feels that it delivers picture quality which is “simply amazing.” You can video chat, blog, stream and upload to Facebook with one little tiny click. The Fluid Crystal Technology gives you smooth video style with clear images, rich colors and more:

  • Image-Perfect Tuning – World-class optics, lighting compensation and image processing make your videos, video calls and photos more breathtaking.
  • Auto Everything – Automatic adjustments for brightness, contrast, color saturation, colors, focus and face tracking make high-quality video calling and recording a breeze.
  • Internet-Ready Camera – Camcorder-quality videos, digital camera-quality stills and studio-level sound make online video sharing and communications faster, easier and more beautiful.
  • Easy Full HD video recording and sharing – Keep everyone up-to-date with stunning Full HD 1080p videos in 16:9 widescreen and publish with one click.
  • Fluid HD 720p video calling – Connect with everyone you care about in smoother HD clarity and detail.
  • Crystal-clear video and brilliant photos – Smooth autofocus and the precision Carl Zeiss pro lens keep your video calls and clips rich and sharp.
  • Sleek looks for desktops and notebooks – Flat-panel design blends nicely with your setup.

As I mentioned early on in this writeup, this device is not without its flaws. The hardware is seemingly amazing, yes. It has excellent saturation and color. The auto-focus works beautifully. Yes, I recorded in 1080p. Even though it’s high resolution, the frame rates sucks.

I’ve had nothing but issues with the software Logitech has bundled with this camera. The software is a MASSIVE fail in conjunction with a fantastic piece of hardware. I don’t understand this. It doesn’t matter how great your specs are. If the software sucks nothing else matters. I don’t get why Logitech hasn’t figured this out. Recording will randomly stop for no reason at all. I had to do more than twenty takes to get to the point I am at in this video.

We should be holding everyone’s feet to the fire when they review hardware. You have to really USE these devices before you can truly say whether it’s good or not. If someone had used this device for any length of time, wouldn’t they know that the software is a piece of garbage?

Even though I’m not happy with the way things are working out on the software side of things, I’m still seriously considering purchasing a second camera to carry with me when I travel. Quite simply, the hardware is THAT good.

Have you tried one of these out for yourself? What has your experience been like?

Does Your Home Need a Dropcam?

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Here I am taking a video with one camera of another camera here in my home. I think I have more security cameras in my home than anyone else in all of Seattle. The people behind the Dropcam state that their product is the easiest one to set up and begin using. I have to agree with that. The quality of it is actually extremely good, as well.

A Dropcam will make a great Internet baby monitor (no computer necessary!). Use it to securely share video of your little ones with grandparents and other extended family members. Use the camera to check on your pets while you aren’t home by using any Internet browser or the free iPhone app. It also would make an excellent business security camera.

As I said, there’s a free iPhone app available. Use it to watch your dropcam video from anywhere. All cameras linked to your account are accessible in the palm of your hand using either an iPhone or iPod Touch at no extra cost! There’s no extra equipment needed, either.

Dropcam will let you see what you’re missing when you aren’t there. It also provides an Internet DVR so you can go back and review what happened, and you’ll never have to worry about losing tapes or theft.

The camera doesn’t run on battery, so needs to be plugged into a wall. It’s an excellent system and can be built up to suit your needs with additional units.

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Do You Want a Logitech HD Webcam?

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I have been addicted to webcams since they were first introduced to the market. I still have the first one I ever owned sitting in a box in the closet! I have to thank Logitech for passing along their new HD C510 webcam, which is part of their new series. This little device may be small, but it packs a lot of punch!

The Logitech HD Webcam C510 with 720p Video and Swivel Design boasts fluid 720p HD video recording and video calling in 16:9 widescreen. It allows you to upload to your favorite sharing services with a click of the mouse.

The camera takes awesome 8 MP photos – much higher quality than the 5 MP ones that Logitech’s C310. They are crystal-clear and very sharp. The built-in automatic light adjustment works well in harsh or dim light situations, making it easier for the person on the other end of the line to see you.

The built-in microphone is actually pretty dang good. It picks up the smallest sound that you could ask it to… such as my dogs playing on the other side of the room. You won’t have to worry about the other person being able to hear you.

Automatic adjustments for brightness, contrast, color saturation, colors, focus and face tracking make high-quality video calling and recording a breeze. The “follow-my-face” feature only seems to work in standard resolution. I’m not sure that I appreciate everything on this camera being “always focused” instead of having the auto-focus capability found on their C910 model.

The software works very well, but there is one major drawback… there’s no software available for the Mac. You can use the webcam with a Mac, but you don’t have software to take full advantage of everything it has to offer.

If you’re looking for an HD webcam with an easy way to record and then push up to YouTube, this may well be the device you’ve been looking for.

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TouchCam N1 vs Logitech WebCam

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I love these kinds of questions. They’re short, sweet and right to the point. This caller didn’t even introduce himself. He simply wanted to know which webcam is better: the FaceVsion N1 or the Logitech 9000. These types of questions are great, because I’ve actually used these products myself and can form a good opinion.

Right now, the FaceVsion N1 camera is not available to order or buy. The Logitech camera is, though. I’ve done some work with the FaceVsion. It’s an excellent camera, I give my word on that. It works on both Windows and OS X. Everything is controlled in the hardware. It happens on the device… there’s no software involved. It’s one of the best-quality out there today.

I’m also happy with the Logitech. It, too, is controlled only in the hardware. It has virtually the same price point. The Logitech does not do HD, though. If you’re looking to record in HD, you’ll need to go with the FaceVsion model.

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FaceVsion TouchCam N1

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Facevsion. All opinions are 100% mine.

You know it’s time to get a new webcam when people have to squint in order to see you.

Most likely, you’re relying on the webcam that came with your system – if you have a webcam at all. Judging from 90% of what I see on YouTube, many people have yet to upgrade to an experience worth viewing. You might have the fastest CPU on the block, but if your webcam is sub-par by 2001’s standards, then… well, what are you really bragging about?

The FaceVsion TouchCam N1 is one of the only HD USB webcams on the market today. And if “HD” doesn’t mean anything to you right now – think about what it means to the person who has to watch your video. You’d rather be pushing the high-quality envelope, right?

I’m guessing your current video hardware is limping along in the 4:3 aspect ratio – when you’d be hard pressed to find either monitors or televisions that didn’t support 16:9 natively. When it comes to video, “widescreen” is almost always better.

This is the only Skype-certified video camera capable of HD right now. It will allow you to broadcast to a friend or colleague in 720p (yes, that’s HD). Oh, and you don’t have to worry about a manual focus with the TouchCam N1 – thanks to its auto-focusing, wide angle lens. The camera will automatically adjust the picture for you… WITHOUT software.

They didn’t skimp in the audio department, either. With dual mics, you’ll be producing stereo-quality sound in whatever the application of your choosing.

Plus, the dual hinges help make it easy to place in a variety of positions – including comfortably over the back of a monitor or laptop screen.

Go ahead – watch the sample video I recorded with the FaceVsion TouchCam N1. Everything else is just standard.

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How to Record Better Webcam Videos

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Have you ever seen those videos online where the subject looks fantastic? But behind them, you see an unmade bed, or laundry that isn’t clean? You have to be cognizant of everything in your video, including your background. Behind me happens to be a nylon green sheet that is surrounded by a wire that allows you to easily collapse it and carry it around.

A WebAround can help you keep the focus on the subject of the video, instead of what may be lurking behind you. The WebAround is a collapsible webcam back drop that was designed and built recognizing the need for more privacy in a busy environment. Users instantly feel more comfortable using a webcam in a public or private.

The WebAround works best when the webcam is close to you (or your subject), and not so great when it’s far away. It works very well if you care to block what’s behind you. If you take this out in public, you might get embarassed carrying it around, but that’s just me. There’s now no need to clean up your room before you start to record!

I found it easier to set the WebAround behind me. It even comes with instructions on how to smooth out the wrinkles. My suggestion to WebAround is to make a cloth version. The nylon will cast a shadow, and needs to be less translucent. Hopefully they’ll take heed, and come out with something even better!

The video I made to demonstrate the WebAround was shot using my Macbook Pro, which sits at very close range. It worked perfectly, which is all I could ask for. Thanks to the people at WebAround for sending me this to review!

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How to Record Video with Sunglasses

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Yes, this video is being recorded live. I’m also recording a video of what I see in front of me. The camera is inside of these spy sunglasses! They’re a little over $200.00. You might ask if they’re worth it. Well of course they are! The video quality is pretty decent, and ready for YouTube. And best of all, no one will ever know you’re recording them, unless you flap your trap and tell them!

They record at 30 fps, which is better than most covert recording devices. They have a wide viewing angle of 60 degrees, and the videos are 320×240 .3GP format. You don’t have to install any software on your computer in order to transfer the videos – simply plug and play. You can download and use the free QuickTime program in order to view them.

The lenses are polarized, which really helps. They’re lightweight, so they’re easy to wear constantly. The Micro SD card involved is really super tiny, but it is 4GB! It comes with an adapter, so you can slide it right into any card reader pretty much. The glasses also charge via mini-USB, so you don’t even need a proprietary cable.

Imagine the possibilities of being able to record everything you see!

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Which Webcam has the Best Audio?

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When you record videos, you need good audio in addition to good video. Ideally, you want something that will give you a good experience, especially if you’re on the go. I now have two of these little Eyeball webcams, and the audio quality is great!

The video quality is good, but not excellent. For my needs, I have to have high quality video. However, the audio quality is excellent. The Eyeball is perfect for instant messaging, video conferencing and more. The Eyball contains Blue’s famous professional-quality condenser capsule, which gives it better sound than any other webcam you’ll find.

The Eyeball has several different designs, so that you can find one to match your computer or office decor. It has a retractable lens, and even will turn itself off if you forget to. If you’re me, then you never seem to be able to turn off the camera. However, I’d say that most people do want their cameras turned off when they aren’t intentionally using them.

What’s really nice about the Eyeball is that it connects via mini-USB, and it collapses for easier portability. If you have enough light, I think you’ll be very happy with the video quality. Just like with most webcams, it doesn’t do well in low light. However, I’ve yet to find any cam that does!

If you’re looking for a good portable solution, or even something on your desktop, check out the Eyeball by the folks over at Blue Microphones.

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How to Produce a Successful Video Shoot

Geek!This is Keegan Blackshear’s submission for the HP Magic Giveaway. Feel free to leave comments for this article as you see fit – your feedback is certainly welcomed! If you’d like to submit your own how-to, what-is, or top-five list, you can send it to me. Views and opinions of this writer are not necessarily my own:

Whether it is a live video stream, or a video that you are going to put on YouTube, there are many things that you have to keep in mind. Through my trial and errors in making videos, I have found many important items that need to be addressed to make an all-around decent video. I have arranged them according to what I think is the most important first, to the tip that affects you the least.

  • Video Quality – Good video quality is a must for almost every type of video that you may plan to shoot. In the case of showing small items, you need to make sure that the audience can see what you are holding or showcasing. If you appear as a blur on the screen, you should adjust the video quality. This can be achieved by adjusting the focus. Good video quality is a goal that you need to work towards each and every time you shoot video. Try finding out what quality your device has, and attempt to use it to its fullest. If you can use a video camera or photography camera that can record video, then try to use that. If possible, stay away from webcams as they can have a lower quality picture than that of a video camera. If you must use a web camera, purchase one that is of higher quality instead of one that is less expensive.
  • Lighting – Lighting, along with video quality, is important. If you do not have good lighting for your video, then your audience will not be able to see what you are trying to show them. Placement of lighting is important so the viewer can see what you are showcasing. For example, if you place a lamp to the side of you with the shade taken off, then the viewer will typically be able to see only half of your face. If you can move the lamp in front of you as much as possible, it should cut down on the shadowing of your face. Another example of this is if you are standing in front of a window that is open. The light coming in from a window can darken the things in front of and around it. A simple solution would be to close it, or put a sheet, towel, or a curtain over it. If it is necessary for the window to remain open, then you can brighten the area in front of the window with some artificial light from a lamp or ceiling lights. If there is a brighter window behind the camera, then you could let light in from that window to combat the light in front of the camera. Remember, too much light can be a bad thing. The video can become washed out, where it is hard to see what is on the screen.
  • Sound – Sound is another key item that you need to take into consideration when you are setting up, recording, or streaming video. The placement and surroundings can effect your decision greatly. If you have a microphone on the device that you are using to record or stream video, then you may want to think about getting another microphone. The most convenient spot to place your microphone may not always be the place that you should put it. If the easiest place to put the microphone is behind you, you should automatically think about a different place. If you can not find another spot for the microphone, then you can attempt to make the best of the original microphone on your video recording or streaming device.
  • Information – The information that you give in the recorded or live video is an important factor, because it will help you express your message to the audience. You have to be able to convey what you’re saying to your audience properly, or they may not be able to understand what you are trying to get across to them. You will want to take some time to plan out what you will say ahead of time to prevent the need to redo the shot. Before you stream live video, take some time to look at the material that you will present… rehearse it, then shoot it.
  • Editing – Editing is important mainly to recorded video, as it is difficult to edit a live feed. However, you can record the live video that you streamed, to edit later. Some people prefer to upload raw footage and do nothing with it. That is understandable, because it can be a hassle to edit video. However, it is a good idea to edit video in the event that you made mistakes. Editing may also come in handy if you are unable to get the same camera angle again, because of the time of day, position, or equipment change.

These are the five tips I find most important for beginners to have a successful video shoot. It is easy to incorporate these tips into your video-making routine. If you have any other suggestions that you find helpful, you can find me on Geeks, or leave a comment here.

What Can a Bowler do With a Webcam?

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As we do every week, we gave away a web cam on Friday night. Thanks to Ustream.tv for providing the web cams!

The requirements to be eligible for our weekly giveaways are simple. Here is what you need to do:

  • You must be present in the chat room at the time of the giveaway. We don’t announce it much ahead of time, so you pretty much need to be a regular visitor!
  • You need to be subscribed to my YouTube channel.
  • You had to have left a recent comment on any post in my blog.
  • You must be a member of our Geeks Community.

That’s it! That’s the sum total of the requirements to be eligible. When a giveaway starts, all chatters in the channel lose chat ability. This is to help us be able to see only the winner talking, so we don’t miss out on their pertinent links. Then, our new automatic bot picker will choose a random name. That person has to give us their YouTube link, as well as the name they used to comment on the blog. We then verify the information… and have a winner!

Congratulations to this week’s winner… Bowler4Ever!

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