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How to Integrate Twitter with Your Web Site

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Just because I have a blog, doesn’t mean I’m not active on Twitter. As a matter of fact, when I post a blog post, it automatically is tweeted out over my Twitter account. What if I wanted to notify people on Twitter anytime an action happens on my site? Let’s say I want to share with the Twitter-verse anytime someone posts a comment on my blog, or anytime something changes on the main page. There hasn’t really been an easy way to do this. But if you are interested in tying together actions on a website with your Twitter account, you can now check out sitetweet.

sitetweet allows webmasters to post immediate messages on Twitter about specific behaviors and actions on their site. It’s very simple to use and implement. First you of course have to sign up for an account with sitetweet. Then, define your domain(s) and your Twitter credentials. Customize the tags you wish to use, and then add sitetweet to your website. There is even a new WordPress plugin you can use, as well!

sitetweet is very interesting, and very cool. It’s easy to set up a website. You can make one for anything, really. You’re in for some interesting times using a service like sitetweet. Twitter is hard to explain. It’s more than just status updates. It’s serendipity. It’s where everyone is! If you’re not already there, what the heck are you waiting for?

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Should Web Sites Block Old Browsers?

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It’s frustrating when you are using an old favorite browser, only to go to a web site that pops up a pretty little box telling you you cannot enter. The site has decided to block certain browsers that they feel are outdated from accessing their site. How unfair is that? If you aren’t using a web browser that hasn’t been updated in the past year, there’s something wrong with you and / or your system. If you keep only one piece of software up-to-date… it needs to be your browser.

PayPal recently stepped forward and decided to block older web browsers. By older, I mean ones that haven’t been updated in the last ten years. I’m specifically talking about those of you still using Windows 98. WHY?! What is the point? You’re dragging the rest of the Internet down. Try using Linux if your old computer can’t handle XP.

Web browsers are important. They are gateways to most of what you’ll discover on the Internet. PayPal is implementing this policy to try and curb Phishing scams. Newer web browsers can stop that from happening, with security that is built in. You can also use something like OpenDNS, which will allow you to place filters on your browser that will help protect you even further.

Personally, I wish more sites would do this. Amazon and eBay need to step up to the plate, and start forcing people to upgrade their browser to use their site. Using old and outdated browsers is dangerous, plain and simple. Your browser is what will get your computer infected, and your information hacked. Is that really what you want? Browsers are free most of the time, and are regularly updated. Why aren’t you updating?


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