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Increase Self-Awareness with Word Games

Have you ever tried to describe yourself in six words or less? It’s not as easy to do as one might think… if you’re honest about it. This is actually an excellent exercise to help raise your self-awareness. Even if you don’t want to share your words with the rest of us, I urge you to sit down and try this. There is one “rule” for this little game: You cannot use words such as “friendly” or even “fun.” I want you to really dig deep. What words do you honestly feel tell who you really ARE?

Becoming more self-aware allows us to be confident in our strengths. It also helps us to think more about what our weaknesses are. We can then figure out what we need to do to improve those areas of ourselves that we may not be completely happy with.

Go ahead – tell us which six words best describe you!

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