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Warren Etheredge – The Art of the Interview (Or How to Grill a Star)

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As founder of The Warren Report, Warren Etheredge curates and hosts over 250 events every year, a podcast and television series. The Warren Report promotes “slow culture” through commentary, outreach, events and education. Their principle: Smarter audiences make a better world!

We’ve all seen them, documentaries built on boring, lifeless interviews. We’ve all read them, profiles that don’t even hint at the motives of the person behind the story. Warren Etheredge has spent a career interviewing filmmakers, authors and ordinary people both on screen and in print and has an uncanny ability bring out insights his subjects never imagined they’d share.

During this program Warren offers structures, tips and strategies to turn mundane questioning into the art of interviewing. It is an art that Warren has honed in more than 1,000 professional interviews. He is currently producing The Warren Report television series in which he conducts in depth interviews with documentary filmmakers and experts on the issues brought up in their films. The show gives audiences both vital information about the issues as well as film, book and research resources for learning more.

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