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It Tasted Better Than Soap!

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Everyone loves gifts! I especially love them when I’m not expecting them! Nancy from the Outrigger Waikiki sent me a surprise gift basket to my room when I was staying there recently, courtesy of Bruce Fisher and his team. I was in Hawaii for the [re]Think Hawaii conference. Apparently, the hotel noticed that I was tweeting from my hotel room, and posting pictures of the scenery! In any case, they sent me a very cool gift basket, and I was pleased as heck with it!

The card was really nice… appreciative of my stay at their hotel. Inside, there was an actual basket, believe it or not! There were some Sweet Potato and Taro chips inside, right on the top. They’re very yummy, and made by the Hawaiian Chip Company.

I also uncovered some Island Assorted Candies, some chocolate-chip macadamia muffins (SO delicious!), chocolate and pineapple flavored macadamia nuts, and some shredded newspaper! Oh, wait… the newspaper was probably to keep the chips and such from getting broken!

I really appreciate Bruce, and everyone who made my trip to Hawaii a reality. I had an amazing time on the Islands, and at the conference itself. Also, thanks to the Outrigger Waikiki for sending me this great basket of goodies!

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Downtown Hawaii Skyline

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The skyline in Honolulu is absolutely beautiful during the late evening. Isn’t that view amazing?! The reason I recorded this, though, is to get all of you involved. I want to have everyone record a short video response for this post, and show us your skyline. You can live in a city, a small town, or even out in the country. Take a short video and show us what it looks like in your neck of the woods just before sunset!

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Hawaii Travel Tips

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People always say that Hawaii is best known and loved for the gorgeous scenery and weather. I have to disagree. My favorite thing about the Islands is the food. Bruce took me to a “hole-in-the-wall” (for lack of a better word) restaurant recently. It was hands-down the best food I’ve eaten in a very long time. I had to ask Bruce to share with us the best places to eat in Hawaii, and where to find the best food.

Bruce says that there are over 2500 restaurants just on Oahu alone! Many Hawaii natives eat out quite often… it’s just something they do. In fact, Bruce says that most people eat out more than they do at home. They enjoy the whole social aspect of dining out with friends and family, being able to relax and hang out with loved ones. That is very important to them, and something that I have witnessed on every trip I’ve made there. Bruce specifically mentions two Foodie Bloggers that you should check out: Melissa and Melanie.

Bruce and his team at Hawaii-Aloha are an amazing group of people. They work hard, and it shows. They actually truly care about the people they help, and go completely out of their way to make sure each and every customer is satisfied. They were the travel sponsors for my recent trip to Hawaii so that I could attend the [re]Think Hawaii conference, and I am definitely MORE than happy. My accommodations at the Outrigger Waikiki were fantastic. Every aspect of my trip was comfortable… and enjoyable.

I can’t thank Bruce and the gang enough for all of their help, and for their friendship. Aloha!

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Top 5 Reasons I Could Live in Hawaii

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Don’t panic! I’m not planning to move to Hawaii. However, my last visit here wasn’t the greatest, and I recorded a video depicting the reasons I’d never live there. This vacation has been so amazing in a short amount of time that I thought I’d record a video talking about how great it is, and how IF I were to ever move, I might consider living here.

  • The People and the Atmosphere – I had a very warm welcome when Traci had coordinated a Tweetup at Tiki’s Bar and Grill. The people who came were very open to sharing experiences, asking questions and even buying me drinks! A lot of people showed up, and everyone had a great time. Hawaii is populated with a very social-minded culture.
  • The Weather – Even though I don’t much like heat, I do like the consistency of the weather here in Hawaii. I love the rain and clouds and cool temps in Seattle. But it’s never easy to predict what the weather will do.
  • Really Good Food and Drinks – The food (and especially Sushi) on all of my trips has always been amazing, as well as the drinks. I think I’ve probably gained about five pounds, just in the first time. I really have to thank (again!) Bruce and the gang from Hawaii-Aloha for hooking me up with the people at the Sheraton hotel… because the first-ever Peet’s Coffee in Hawaii is right here in my hotel lobby!
  • Stargazing – I’m not an astronomer, but I do like looking up into the sky. The night sky here is as clear as a bell. There are so many things that exist in this world that we take advantage of… the things that Mother Nature provides us. I’ve been gifted with the ability to see. That sense sometimes is forgotten when my eyes aren’t open to the things that are around me. When the skies are clear in Seattle, they’re pretty. However, you just canno see as many stars as you do here in Hawaii.
  • Girls! – Every single woman in Hawaii is beautiful. I’m not kidding. They’re just gorgeous, and beautiful and strong. They don’t allow ugly people into the state, really! Ok ok… they let me in. But the women are A-OK!

I’m not saying whether I ever would or won’t live here. I’m just saying that it’s a wonderful place. Why would or wouldn’t you ever move to Hawaii?

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Meet Miss Hawaii ’95

Meet Miss Hawaii '95

Traci is one of my hosts here in Hawaii. She is an aspiring singer / actress, and has just started to produce video content on YouTube regularly. Oh, and she happens to be Miss Hawaii ’95.

I met Traci on Twitter a while ago after she retweeted something I said in the now-infamous social media video. Didn’t take long for me to see that she took the time to respond to everybody who leaves a comment for her – including on her YouTube channel. I even convinced her to set up a Geeks profile!

Room’s View from Sheraton Waikiki

Room's View from Sheraton Waikiki

I am currently sitting in Waikiki, relaxing and enjoying the beauty around me. This Hawaii hotel is very comfortable, and super nice! I have to thank them for bringing me here! The website for the hotel boasts:

Of all Waikiki Beach oceanfront hotels, one towers above the rest… the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel and Resort is a modern monument to traditional Hawaiian hospitality.

I absolutely have to agree. Of course, I wouldn’t have made the connection to the hotel if it weren’t for Traci, who has been my guide in navigating this island. She’s got a little geek streak in her, too: