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How to Go Directly to VoiceMail

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Have you ever wanted to get ahold of someone, but you didn’t want to talk to them directly? You may not have time for a whole conversation, but you need to leave them a voicemail. What do you do then? This are the times you need to go to Slydial.

While the word ‘sly’ can draw up connotations of being wily, crafty or mischievous (e.g. ‘sly like a fox’), it can also mean clever, resourceful and efficient. We created slydial for people who appreciate clever, resourceful and efficient methods of communication, whether they exist in everyday tasks, business interactions, matters of the heart or … clandescent operations.

Anyone who is short on time, wants to avoid an awkward conversation, or doesn’t want to bother someone, but needs to leave them a voicemail. No matter where you are in the walk of life, be it a college coed, a working stiff, a soccer mom, or an empty nester, we guarantee you that there will be situations in your life everyday where slydial will be helpful to you.

Don’t worry, slydial calls can NOT be answered. In most cases the person you’re slydialing simply receives a new voicemail alert a minute or so after you leave them a message. With some mobile phones, we are able to display a “missed call” from you (after all you did try to call them!). With this feature, the recipient’s phone may emit an abbreviated “half ring” before going directly to voicemail. In any scenario, rest-assured that the person you are slydialing can not “answer” your call.

All you have to do is dial the Slydial service first, and then the US mobile number you need to reach. You will be immediately connected to their voicemail. That’s really all there is to it. How easy is that? We all know someone who drives us insane on the phone! Why not Slydial them next time?

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Free Communication Tools

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If I tell you that you can screen your calls, find out why they’re calling, record calls on the fly and play them back later online, and even send phone numbers to several lines at once… would you be interested? Of course you would! What if I also tell you this service is completely FREE?

GrandCentral is a free service that was recently aquired by Google. In addition to the features I listed above, here are a few other things you can do with this service:

  • Block unwanted callers
  • Have one number that rings to all your phones, or even different phones based on who is calling
  • Receive voicemail notifications by text message or email
  • Personalized/different voice mail greetings based on person(s) or groups
  • a WebCall button that allows people to call you from a Web page without showing your actual phone number
  • Click to Call, which allows you to call from your address book and save you from typing out numbers

Why wouldn’t you want this? From a personal standpoint, this is simply amazing. From a business standpoint, there are a few features I would miss. I’ve been using the subscription service from Vonage since the late 1990’s. It allows me to have one toll free number that rings to all my phones, and I can receive faxes and voice mails directly into my Email when someone sends them to my phone. Those two features alone are worth my staying with Vonage. But as I said, if I didn’t have the business to worry about, I’d definitely be using GrandCentral.

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