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What Would You Do on a Dare?

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This is madness! Does this video really need a description? Fine.

I record a lot of videos. I also happen to stream live video 24/7. I don’t blame you if you haven’t watched it, though. Nothing exciting tends to happen in my office – usually. You may tune in and see me doing nothing more than typing away while music plays in the background. Other times, you might just get lucky enough to see something you’d never expect.

In any case, I tend to record things that may have never been published for one reason or another. Either I’m afraid you won’t understand why I thought a moment in life was worth capturing on video, or… well, it just didn’t seem interesting enough to warrant uploading. You may not understand my sense of humor, or you might not quite get why I find something in life exciting. Our tastes are just – different, you know?

My life is more than just technology, you see. It involves spaghetti, too! It also revolves around music, art, Star Wars, LEGO bricks, helium, PUGS and a long list of things that would take me all morning to write about.

Oh, and – yes, I accept dares. Dare me to do something else on video. I dare ya. I triple-dog dare ya. You’d be shocked to see some of the things that others have managed to get me to do. I’ve gone hiking, cleaned my pores and even have been known to dance around my office in a dress.

Okay, enough. Either you’ll enjoy these clips – or you won’t. To each their own. You don’t have to enjoy what I enjoy. You aren’t required to laugh when I do. You aren’t even supposed to find things interesting that I feel are important to the world.

See? I told you this video shouldn’t have included a description. But NOOOOOOOOOO – you just HAD to have a description for the video, even though I think the description was just as pointless as this particular video upload. That’s the point – to have no point.

Who Do You Like a Little?

Holy viral new website Batman! Like a Little is a new anonymous flirting website that has taken the Intertubez by storm. In less than six weeks online, the site is already pushing more than twenty million views. According to the team behind the venture: “In just 6 weeks since launch, we have over 20M page views (now over 1M a day and growing fast) and hundreds of thousands of daily uniques. Our virality index is higher than Facebook’s in their fastest growth stage.”

The site works by letting you post flirty little descriptions and comment anonymously (or you can register for an account and log in). Being able to post under anonymity is likely a large reason why the site has become so popular. What keeps people keep coming back to Likealittle is the compulsion to check the discussion around their updates and comments.

Users can also send and receive messages and take down any comments or updates they feel are abusive just by confirming their school email address. To keep up the positive environment, all randomly generated usernames are fruit-based like Apple or Banana. Every time you reply anonymously in a new thread, you’ll be assigned a different fruity handle.

We like to think of the site as a flirting-facilitator platform (or FFP, for advanced users). Basically, the site was made to allow you to compliment and chat about potential crushes you see around you. We are releasing it after 12 years… or was it 12 hours?… of hardcore development, in part to try and help me with my lack of game with women.

This venture is aimed at mostly the college set. What better way to take the social pressure off of meeting someone than by removing looks and physical awkwardness from the equation? Is this something you might be using in the near future?

Their, There, and They’re

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Hey there. Someone sent you the link to this video to let you know there’s a difference between the words there, their and they’re. It’s not difficult to figure out, I promise you that. Why can’t you just take two minutes, pay attention, and learn the basics?!

There is an adverb which means into or to that place. To use this word properly in a sentence, you would say something like We are going there tomorrow..

Their is a pronoun, which is defined as a form of the possessive case of they used as an attributive adjective, before a noun. It’s simple to use this word in a sentence. Try something like: We are going to their pool party next week..

They’re is a contraction of the words they are. If you are writing a sentence and are unsure as to whether you are using this word correctly, ask yourself if you can substitute they are, instead. If it works, you’re in business! They’re all going to the tweetup tonight.

See? It’s really not that hard. Start paying attention in school – especially to your English teacher!

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This is a Sentence

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How difficult is it really to speak and write properly? Why is it that so many people cannot manage this simple task? Do they not pay attention in school? Are they too lazy to care how they come across to others?

A sentence begins with a capital letter. It also ends in some type of punctuation mark. If you’re going to bother to write something, at least know how to correctly form a sentence. Otherwise – stop bothering me.

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