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Chris Saves (His Work)

Chris Saves (His Work)

There’s a geek who calls himself “Crabman” in our chat room, and he decided to photoshop a rather sacrilegious image and share it with me. Please don’t tell me that I’m going to hell for posting it – because (a) I already know I’m going to hell, and (b) I think it’s hilarious. If you don’t save your work every five minutes, don’t come crying to me when your computer crashes and you lost everything from the point at which you last saved. That, and you shouldn’t believe everything I say – because (as you can see) I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Who Are You on Twitter?

Who Are You on Twitter?

http://twitter.com/chrispirillo – I was quite surprised to fire up a Web browser and check out my “Twitter Grade” (which I’m sure doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still an interesting statistic to know – considering just how many people are using Twitter these days).

Turns out, I’m in the Twitter Elite – outranking everybody else. I have no idea how the hell that happened, but I’m in some good company there.

Then again, I consider everybody on Twitter a part of the elite – one person’s tweet is equal to another’s (despite what some might claim). Just because you have more or less followers than me doesn’t make you any more or less important than you already are.

Twitter is instant gratification, instant validation, and a chance for you to tell the world what you’re thinking… before you’ve had a chance to think about it. Then again, maybe it’s more like an exclamation of feelings before you’ve felt them?

What is Twitter to you? Is it anything? Are you there? Is it a fad – like this blogging thing? Will Twitter be around in 10 years? Will you?

Oh, too many questions – but I dare not pose them directly ON Twitter, lest I be lashed with the 140 character limit. Beh.

So, you can follow me if you choose to follow – I’ll auto-follow back, because that’s how I wish to use Twitter.

It’s a firehose of information and emotion – a digital microcosm of life itself.

Caption This Photo

Funny. This doesn’t SOUND like AC/DC. – Akiva Moskovitz

Caption This Photo or I’m going to plug this to my ear! – AJ Batac ♘

WTF is THAT above your right eyebrow?! – Mona N.

(Hello from Row 5!) – Who said that? – Anthony Stevens

Chris Pirillo, unplugged – Dave Hodson

OK, Akiva wins. – Jason

But i was going into town to pick up some power converters! – John Worthington

Don’t come any closer, man, I’LL DO IT – ωαřмaiden

Just when one thought water boarding was a sure way to obtain a confession, a new method of interrogation called The Plug In has been discovered to the chagrin of human rights activists worldwide! – Roney Smith

Nice glasses. – JMakesAwesomeSauce

p1uggergn0me – John Worthington

Yes, Akiva wins… LOL – ChangeForge | Ken Stewart

Chris takes his idea of Human Circuitry to the next level… – John Worthington

I want 1 MIIIIIILLLLIOOOON Dollars or I plug this into my head. – Bored

And, of course, the obvious one: Plug-and-Play. – Akiva Moskovitz

Gross! – Andru Edwards

This is a new application of neural networking. – jokrausdu

unfortunately, early attempts at neural inputs jacks have failed, however on a more curious note it has been discovered that ear wax from geeks contains an inordinate amount of energy. – Jerry Schuman

A new vision of human circuitry as demonstrated by Chris Pirillo – dan

+1 Mona, a horn? – Majento

Short Circuit 2: Some say he’s nuts. Some say he’s bolts. But can Number Five make it in the big, bad city? Keep your wires crossed. – £ogical €xtremes

eXistenZ is paused! – Rodfather

Pirillo in the middle of a cold reboot. – Jerry Schuman

Hairplugs 2.0 – Erik S

lets recharge ! – Prashanth Randadath

I needs more power Scottie! – Susan Beebe

…must…consume…more…internet…. – Amber aka SDA

Are you Plugged into me? Are YOU plugged into me? I don’t see anyone else here.. – Bored

Damn! Forgot to buy Q-Tips. Again! – Michael Hussein Markman

What’s the frequency Kenneth!? – Gerald Buckley

"wait, i thought this new stuff was supposed to be wireless … " – Gregory Lent

I need a outlet to plug in my light up pimple – Outsanity

What’s Your Favorite Beer in the World?

Red Stripe. – Amber aka SDA

root – Josh Haley

that one – Nice Fish Films

San Miguel – Jon Limjap

I’m spoiled. I sell 900 beers professionally. When I’m standing in the store I can’t decide which one is best at that particular moment. – Ton Zijp

Paulaner Wheat Beer – Baard Overgaard Hansen

Chimay – Kevin Bondelli

A&W Root – Louis Gray

The next one. – Andrew Smith

mmm, Hefeweizen. with lemon. – Laura Norvig

guinness – Kim Landwehr

Belgian beers. There was an apple-flavored one which was my favorite, but I forgot the name. – Mitchell Tsai

Irish and Spanish beers, i love them… – Alex Barredo

paulaner – Stefano

Red Stripe sitting in Dunes River Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! – Eddie Soto

But… if at the ice rink, after a hockey game, then it’s got to be Labatts Blue or Molsons. – Eddie Soto

Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world – Bo Stern

Pilsner Urquell – Jeff P. Henderson

OK, the first person that says Bud Lite, gets a swift kick in the butt!! – Jeff P. Henderson

Well, if I am forced to decide which beer was coming close to be the best one I ever experienced, I guess I have to choose for Närke Stormaktens Porter. It was extremely expensive, those 20cl, but it was worth every drop. – Ton Zijp

Guinness. – Barry Mitchelson

Draft Fullers ESB, from Fuller, Smith & Turner of Chiswick, London, England. – Ian May

La birra dell’elfo – Italia – marcantonio severgnini

Henry Weinhard’s Root, which I haven’t been able to get my hands on for years because I stupidly moved out of their availability zone. – Joe Pierce

Cisk Lager is by far, the best beer i’ve ever tasted http://thespiritworld.net/2008…Chris Farrugia

I love Belgian beers, Leffe, Grimnbergen. I also like local beers that you can’t get in Boston. Keith’s from Nova Scotia, also Yuengling and Fat Tire. – Steve Garfield

Miller and Asahi!! – Erhan Erdogan

guinness – Refik Caglayan

Super Bock or Tuborg – Marcos Marado

Kilkenny – Duncan Riley

Augustiner, Guinness, Tetley – Cristian Conti

Erdinger – Elif Salar

Miller, Guinness and Efes Pilsen(Turkish beer) – Arda Çetin

Fat Tire..Holy Moses..Burning River – Matt Musgrave

Guinness….Bass – Live4Soccer

Newcastle – Heather

Chimay red, Manny’s and Mac & jacks African Amber – Gina "Plumber" K

Chimay red, blue and grand reserve. Also I love Duvel, nice blonde. – Nicolas Caitan

Heineken and Blue – Shey

Rodenbach Sour Ale – Dave Roth

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale FTW! woo hooo! (BTW, there is a huge "Beers of the World" store in Rochester, NY – another reason I love living here!) – Susan Beebe

bud light – Gregory Lent

corona – luca Filigheddu

Negro Modelo 🙂 – zoblue (Zulema ❤’s you)