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Steam Launches for Mac

Beginning today, Steam for the Mac became available from the folks at Valve. This is a move that has been long-awaited by thousands of people, and one that is much welcomed by all of the Mac gamers in our community. The first collection of titles released all demonstrate “Steam Play.” This lets users buy a game once and then play it on any Steam-supported platform.

Every Wednesday, new titles will be available. All of them will be designed to highlight specific functionalities of Steam for your Mac. Portal will be the first of Valve’s Source engine-based games released (and is apparently FREE for a limited time!), along with Torchlight. According to gamers who were a part of the beta-testing group, the games play much as they did on Windows machines. If you love the game on your PC, you’ll love it on your Mac as well. The best news of all is, again, the Steam Play feature. If you’ve already bought these two games for your Windows system, you already own it to play on your OS X machine.

According to the folks at Valve: “In addition to bringing the online functionality of Steam to the Mac, Valve will also make the Steamworks suite of dev tools available on the Mac platform. These include product key authentication, copy protection, auto-updating, social networking, matchmaking, anti-cheat technology, and more. The features and services available in Steamworks are offered free of charge and may be used for both electronic and tangible versions of games.” This is excellent news for developers and those of you who like to understand how things work under the surface.

Since I’m not a hard-core gamer, I don’t know yet if I’ll try out any of the Steam offerings on my Mac Pro. You just never know, though. You may one day see me enjoying a game of Torchlight.

Steam for Mac has Finally Hit Beta

Steam for Mac went into Beta today. The program appears to be similar to the Windows version. It retains the same dark color scheme of Valve. You can access all of your games in the Library, and browse the Store.

In early March the company said Portal 2 will be Valve’s first simultaneous release for Mac and Windows when it ships during the holidays this year. According to Portal 2 Project Lead Josh Weier: “We’re always playing a native version on the Mac right alongside the PC. This makes it very easy for us and for anyone using Source to do game development for the Mac.”

I know that many of you in our community are avid gamers, and a large majority of you have lamented over the fact that Steam wasn’t available for the Mac. Are you looking forward to this release?

Better yet, are any of you in the private beta testing group? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts so far on the new client.

Fact or Context: The Ocean That is the Internet

I read an excellent article a few moments ago. Julien Genestoux talks about how the Internet is a vast, never-evaporating ocean. All of the content that is constantly pouring into that ocean are raindrops. In the article, he states that “When you’re a search engine, you obviously have an exhaustivity requirement. You can’t really skip on indexing the Indian Ocean. Google sends its bo(a)ts all over the ocean where it’s raining to update its index. However, the ocean is growing so fast that it will eventually become harder and harder to stay exhaustive.”

This has become a real problem for search engines, especially Google. They are trying to solve the problem by changing the way that they crawl and index websites in order to try and keep up with the constantly-changing websites. However, there’s going to come a point when that becomes impossible to do. Genestoux goes on to talk about how Twitter is better than Google when it comes to contextualization. When you search Google, you’re looking for facts. When you search Twitter, you want the context… you need to know what is happening (and being said about that subject) right now!

What are your thoughts? Is there any possible easy answer for search engine companies to attempt to keep on top of all of the data in the ocean?

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What are the Best Computers of 2010?

Yahoo! has posted its list of the hottest desktop and laptop computers of 2010. Reading through the list, I had to shake my head in complete amazement. I agree with much of it, But a few of these items seem to have come from out of left field! I can’t help but wonder who in the heck made this list up, exactly, and what their computer qualifications are!

Check out the list for yourself, and leave me a comment with YOUR list of hottest computers for this year. Which brands have hit the nail right on the head, and which ones are falling a tad short?

What interesting things have you come across in your travels around the Internet today? Have you checked out what others in our community are up to?

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