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Sony Recalling Half a Million Vaio Notebooks

If you are a Sony Vaio owner, you need to check the recall list to find out whether or not your machine is in danger. The company issued a voluntary global recall of 535,000 Vaio notebook computers after reports of defects in the temperature control software was discovered. The flaw can cause the notebook to overheat, sometimes to an extreme degree.

The recalled products are from the VPCF11 Series and VPCCW2 Series notebook computers. About half of these are found right here in the United States. According to Stacey Palosky, spokesperson for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Sony has issued a firmware update to correct this issue. Sony received several reports of machines overheating enough that the keyboards and casing became deformed, she noted.

An owner can either download the fix for themselves, or arrange to have the machine picked up and serviced at no charge. The defective units were sold at Costco, Best Buy and Amazon between January and April of this year.

What Happens When Your Laptop’s Motherboard Goes Bad?

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There is this thing sitting inside your computer that is the one thing every other thing is connected to! It’s called a motherboard. I have no idea why there’s no fatherboard… but yeah. The motherboard is crucial. If it’s not working – good luck using your computer at all. Ian from the PCPitStop community is sad because his Sony Vaio died. His motherboard is now dead, and wonders where he can find an affordable replacement.

Virut won’t corrupt your motherboard – but it will usually lead to having to reformat your system. With that said, if your motherboard is hosed for any reason, you might want to run a few diagnostics if you can. It’s possible it could be a bad power supply, you know? Check everything you possibly can, to determine for sure that it’s a motherboard.

I feel your pain. I’ve heard some not-so-happy things about Sony support in the past. Unfortunately, if it is a motherboard problem – it’s going to cost you. My recommendation is to find a local Geek. Pay them in pizza and cola. They’ll take a look at the computer to assess the problem. Sometimes it’s something small that trips us up, and I certainly hope that’s what is going on with you!

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