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How to Transfer Files from PC to Mac

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I’m sure you’ve had to transfer files from one computer to another at some point. It can be a nightmare, at best. However, you may be interested in looking at the new ezSHARE cable by Vantec.

Transferring and copying files from one computer to another has never been so easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re using two Macs, two PCs, or one of each! Simply plug the ezSHARE in and you’re good to go. There’s nothing to install, no drivers to download. It’s totally plug and play! The ezSHARE Adapter seamlessly links two computers together using the specially designed USB cable. It will only take a few mouse clicks to transfer and share all of your files – from music to photos and documents.

This hasn’t been released to the market yet. But if you want the lowest price, keep your eye on TagJag. As soon as it’s on the market, we’ll get you the best prices to be found!

Most people will just use their home network to transfer files. But it’s even easier to use ezSHARE. Go USB!

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How to Use FireWire 400 Devices in 800 Ports

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I don’t know if you remember the battle between USB and FireWire, but USB won of course. I still have a few devices that use FireWire, including the camera I use to record my videos. FireWire has less overhead than you do with a USB connection.

You probably still have devices that connect via FireWire 400 ports, I’m sure. I know I do. But now I need to connect this camera to a FireWire 800 port. Instead of buying all new cable, I’m just going to use a Sonnet FireWire 400-to-800 Adapter.

Just use your existing FireWire 400 cables with this simple adapter from Sonnet to connect devices to a FireWire 800 port. Just plug it in between a FireWire 800 port and a standard FireWire 400 cable’s 6-pin male connector. It can’t get any simpler.

Make sure you keep the Sonnet Adapters in mind, instead of going out and buying all new cable!

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Does Every Mad Scientist Need a USB Plasma Ball?

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This plasma ball may not look like much at first, but that’s because it needs to be plugged in to a USB port! Once you turn it on, you’ll be amazed by how fricken cool this thing is! The USB Plasma Ball is something that every mad scientist – or Geek! – needs to have in their arsenal.

Powered by an included USB cable, this desktop Plasma Ball is about stands about 6 inches high and includes an on/off switch. While it emits a very low current, it does so at a relatively high-voltage and so it does produce some EMF. Respect your plasma ball and it will respect you!

I’ve always wanted one of these, ever since I was a kid. Growing up, they were a lot larger. I used to wonder what I would do with it. The truth is, you don’t “do” anything with it. You simply touch it! I found the perfect place for it. It’s going to be on a small shelf right in the entryway to my office. People will see it, and immediately want to touch it! It will have them excited to enter the office. At least – I hope so!

Alan Davison submitted a plasma ball tip:

If you want something to do with your little plasma globe, you could.. burn things? I accidentally discovered years ago with mine, that if you put a metal on it (such as covering all or part of it with tin foil, or aluminum foil, the more, the larger the arc), and bring something conductive up to that metal, it’ll arc. Even to your finger, so, urm, watch out for burns, which it does actually do.

And if you decide to try that, keep it away from anything sensitive, be it magnetic, or anything. Sometimes when I was touching the metal covering it, the TV would change channels. That’s bad. Just a side-note, covering the globe with metal does draw the little arcs inside to the glass, so of course, it heats up.

Since I’m definitely no scientist, does this mean I’m a Mad Geek?

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Am I the Only One in Love with Retractable Cables?

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When I got my laptop cooler, I quickly realized I needed a specific type of USB cable… one that had a male adapter on both ends. I had a difficult time finding the exact model I needed. It got me to thinking, I have a few smaller retractable kits, but I stumbled upon this one. It’s the best I’ve found, by far. The CablesToGo USB 2.0 Retractable Cable Kit is the most comprehensive kit I’ve seen, for only around $35.00.

When you’re on the road the last thing you want is to be missing the cable that you need. That’s why the USB 2.0 Retractable Cable Kit is the ideal solution for anyone that is always on the go. It’s compact for convenient packing, yet contains the connectors and cables needed to get the job done. It includes everything needed to make RJ45 network connections, RJ11 phone connections, and any USB or FireWire 1394a configuration. Besides the cables, it also includes a stereo headset with microphone so you can listen to your favorite tunes or dictate a note.

This kit is ideal for home and office use, too. With so many technologies out there, it’s hard to know what type of cable may be needed at any given moment. With this kit, you can rest assured you’ll always have the cable needed for your digital camera and camcorder, card reader, MP3 player and more!

The kit includes:

  • 3.5ft USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Cable
  • 4ft Stereo Earphone & Microphone
  • 3ft FireWire 6-Pin Male to 6-Pin Male Cable
  • 3.5ft USB 2.0 A Male to A Male Cable
  • USB A Male to USB 5-Pin Mini B Male Connector
  • USB A Male to USB A Male Connector
  • USB A Male to USB B Male Connector
  • USB A Male to 4-Pin Mini B Male Connector
  • FireWire 6-Pin Male to 4-Pin Male Connector
  • USB A Female to RJ45 Crossover Connector
  • Two USB A Female to RJ45 Male Connectors
  • Two USB A Female to RJ11 Male Connectors

If you’re ever in need of extra USB cables or connectors, this is the kit you need to have on hand. Let me know what other Geeky kits you have that I can’t live without! I’m always looking for things that will make my life easier, and more organized.


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What Happens When You Run out of USB Ports?

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I have a USB hub hidden behind my monitors. It’s a 7-port hub, but I inevitably always need yet another port. I could add another hub, sure. But that wouldn’t be as fun as attaching a Squid, now would it? This isn’t a living, breathing thing… it’s a USB Squid. You can see there’s a USB cable that can hook into any USB port or hub. From that, dangle four other USB ports that can be used for virtually any USB device.

Ok, you caught us: we lied to you all. The USB Squid is not a real squid, as squids have 8 legs and 2 tentacles. Heck, it’s not even an octopus – they have 8 arms. The USB Squid has four arms, so it’s sort of more a quadropus. But it more than makes up for its name with the special function of its arms. Just plug the USB Squid into your last USB port, and now you have four USB ports.

The biggest difference between the USB Squid and other USB Hubs is the USB Squid’s arms can bend in any direction (so all your USB cords don’t have to be coming from the same place!) Also, they have ridges on one side and the top – and indents on the bottom and other side. You can actually connect the USB ports using these ridges in many different configurations. Maybe you need 4 vertical ports or 4 horizontal or the end two free and the middle stacked or maybe a zig zag hub. The choice is yours. Let’s see a real squid do that!

You know I had to plug the USB Humping Dog into it. If you know of other USB extender-type devices, let me know about them. I have tons of cool USB gadgets I need to plug in!


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Has a Wrist Strap Ever Saved Your Camera?

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Picture this: you’re out and about and take the picture of a lifetime. Then, you need to transfer that picture to a computer. The problem is, you left your USB cord at home, so there’s no easy way to get that photo off of your camera. You could wait until you get home, or you could use this cool wrist strap. Not only is it a wrist strap, it also is a USB cable that will connect your camera to a computer (or anything else, like a photo printer). The USB Camera Lanyard and Wrist Strap is only $7.99 on Amazon, so why not pick one up?

You’ll always have your USB transfer cable right with your digital camera with this unique wrist strap. The strap has a small sliding compartment that hides compact USB type ‘A’ and USB mini type ‘B’ (5-pin) connectors and the cable is easily long enough to connect to a USB port on your PC. No more searching in your camera bag for a cable or memory card reader. Camera not included.

Make sure that your camera connects via USB, of course, and not some proprietary cable like mine does. For that reason, I’m planning to switch cameras. What point-and-shoot camera (that connects via USB) do you recommend?


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Which USB / Firewire Car Charger do You Use?

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How many of you out there have an iPod? How many of you leave the house? What about having a car? Even if you don’t have an iPod, you may have a device that requires a charger of some type. I’m sure you have a mobile power adapter. Today, I picked up the ultimate charger. The Emerge Tech Retractable 5-in-1 iPod Charger is an awesome little travel option. The features include:

  • Compatibility: This accessory is compatible with iPod, iPod mini and iPod nano.
  • Versatile charger: A car power adapter, wall power adapter, USB and Firewire charge plug are all included, so no matter where you are you’ll be able to stay powered up.
  • USB and sync cables: Sync with your Mac or PC, or use the USB cable to transfer music, pictures and video to your iPod.
  • High-quality: Durable ABS housing means this accessory will be particularly hard to break in any situation.
  • Retractable components: The cords retract into the shell for protection and to save space.

Even if you don’t own an iPod, I still recommend this gadget. It’s well worth the $20 I paid for it, even if only to have the USB and Firewire charging capability. What other travel devices do you use and cannot live without?


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