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How to Shorten a URL Within a Browser

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Matthew is here this week to show off a very cool Google Chrome extension which is built on the Bit.ly platform. It helps you quickly – and easily! – shorten any URL in a matter of seconds… without having to go to a different web page or tab.

  • Shorten, share and track links with bit.ly, right from your browser!
  • Preview metrics and page titles for bit.ly and bit.ly Pro links before you click them.
  • Receive instant notifications about your trending bit.ly links.
  • Shorten links on Twitter with a single click.
  • See a feature that’s missing? Request it

If you have trouble after installation, you should note that Chrome doesn’t allow execution of content scripts on pages that are already open. The team recommends restarting Chrome immediately after installing the extension.

If you are a Firefox or Internet Explorer user, you can check out the cross-browser sidebar.

Thanks, Matt, for an excellent screencast tip!