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Facebook App Fun

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When I announced our new fUNICODE site a few weeks ago, you guys went ape! You were all over that, having a lot of fun transmogrifying your text into something fun. You took that text and pasted it on your Twitter accounts, your websites, and even into our chat room!

Now, the fun can continue on Facebook with our new fUNICODE Facebook App!! Thanks to David Nelson, you can use FunText on Facebook! By default, the App asks you what’s on your mind, just like your status does. The page will refresh after you type in your message and click the Go! button. Once it does, you’ll see a ton of different text available.

You have three options as to what you want to do with this text. You can post it to your own status. You can post it to a friend’s Wall! The last option is that you can also post it straight to Twitter with a click of a button. Oh! You can also choose to post your message to the FunText wall. That is absolutely optional, and up to you.

Go on! Install the App and have some fun! Post something to your own status using FunText, and then post something on your friend’s walls. Heck, go post something on MY wall with it!

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Text Generator

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If you follow me on Twitter, or you’re a fan on Facebook, then you may have seen some funny-looking text flow through my stream recently. You may have even wanted to try it out for yourself! Well, I’m happy to report that now you can. fUNICODE is an all-new ultimate fun text generator! Type anything you want into the box on the page, and it will automagically be transmogrified for you, right before your very eyes! Copy and use this text anywhere you want to.

As you’re typing, the text is transformed immediately in the boxes down below. Any application – desktop or web-based – that supports Unicode text will be able to handle the output. That’s the key here… it has to be pasted into a Unicode-supported application. You can type in upside-down text, have it transformed into l33t sp34k, and even put it into all caps for you!

It’s a free service. Yes, there’s an ad on the page. However, it costs you nothing to use the site. It’s fun, and it’s easy. You don’t have to register, or give out any type of information. Simply start typing in the text box, and then paste your information wherever you want it to show up.

The site also gives you the opportunity to Tweet directly from the page if you wish. It will, of course, give credit back to fUNICODE. However, you can say anything you wish in your tweet.

Leave a comment on this blog post… but you have to use fUNICODE to leave it! I will delete any comments on this post that are not done in fUNICODE, so be warned!

Thanks to Jake for his hard work on this project! You, too, can become a part of it. Simply submit your code for possible use. If they validate, we’ll add your set (with credit)! Your characters should be visible on all operating systems.

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