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Can a Tweet Get You Grounded for Life?

I’ve warned you before that you have to watch what you say online. Even when you crack a joke, you should likely step back and make sure it comes across the way you intended it to, prior to actually hitting that “send” button. In the case of Paul Chambers, it could have saved him a lifetime of hassle. Sadly, he will no longer be flying the friendly skies, thanks to a complaint he made on Twitter.

When a recent flight of his was canceled, he decided to vent his frustration on Twitter with a bit of dark humor, stating: “Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!” . Unfortunately for him, the police don’t find it a bit funny. A week after posting the message on the Twitter, he was arrested under the Terrorism Act. He was then questioned for nearly seven hours by police officers who took his joke as a security threat. He has been suspended for work pending investigation, and been banned from the local airport for life!

This goes to show that once again, we really do need to step back once in awhile prior to speaking. What are your thoughts? Are the police taking this a tad too far, or are they right on the money? What else have you read around the ‘Net today that opened your eyes, or made you stop to think?

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Do You Have Enough Facebook Friends?

Facebook doesn’t think you have enough friends! Earlier today, the site started pushing its Friend Finder tool at the top of the main News Feed when you log in to the service. The feature suggests you use it by showing you the photos of three existing friends that have already used the tool to find new friends too. The reasoning behind this sudden push is pretty obvious: the more friends you have, the more you’ll use the site. Thankfully, there is an option to permanently make the notification disappear if you don’t want to use it.

I can see the pros and cons of having this on the main page, right out there to be seen immediately upon logging in. Sure, you may find even more friends. You also may have more people find you… possibly people you wouldn’t necessarily want to be friends with. Some people are very selective as to who they add to their friends list. Those people will likely not enjoy the deluge of new friend requests waiting for their approval (or denial!) tomorrow morning.

There has been a lot of news today in our world. Devastation in Haiti… Google in China… Friends on Facebook! There have also been a number of excellent posts made right within our community. I hope you had a chance to make your thoughts known.

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New Year’s Resolutions with a Twist

While you’re making your list of resolutions this year, why not add in some of a different nature? If you’ve been “meaning” to have more of a presence on the various social media networks, why not turn that into a resolution? Resolve to send out a particular number of thought-provoking tweets per day. Decide how often you will be able to update your various site profiles, and stick to it!

People want to know what you’re up to. I know, I know… you’re busy. I am, as well! But it’s critical these days to have an active presence on the various social media sites if you’re any kind of social Geek. You have to keep yourself – and your community – updated. Don’t just post about your dinner, either. People want to know what’s really going on in that head of yours!

Commit yourself to not only blogging yourself, but to reading what others have done. There are a lot of excellent findings right within our own community, if only you make the time to look!

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Are You Addicted to the Internet?

There was an interesting post over on Lockergnome today, asking whether you are addicted to the Internet. There’s even a link to a quiz so that you can find out if you are!

I could sit here and crack jokes about how addicted I am to the Internet. In reality, though, it’s not a laughing matter. There is a tremendous difference between spending a lot of time doing what you love – and being utterly and helplessly addicted to it. Internet addiction is a reality, and it’s growing at an alarming rate. People who are addicted to the web are becoming obsessed with what they do there to the point that they ignore their “real” life, their responsibilities, and often their health. Marriages have broken up due to this. People have lost jobs due to this. Kids have been suspended from school because of this. It’s scary, and it’s real.

So, I ask you – are YOU addicted to the Internet? Have you taken the quiz, and read your results? When and where do you draw the line between having fun, and tumbling into an addiction? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

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Yes I’m a Computer Geek – So What?

Earlier today, I noticed a blog post on Geeks talking about being called a Geek by one’s peers. The author talks about how it shouldn’t matter what others think of you. Your opinion is the one that matters. I agree with this… but I also have more to add! (Don’t I always have more to add?!)

Being called a Geek is a compliment… especially these days. Geeks are the ones who keep the world running. Geeks are the ones coming up with all of those cool gadgets you use every day. Geeks are the ones who are discovering cures for illnesses, painting the newest great work of art, and even coming up with the hottest new novel.

Keep in mind, a “Geek” does not necessarily mean you are into computers and technology. A Geek is simply someone who is passionate about something. They put their heart and soul into what it is they love, be it computers, gardening, writing, painting, or even riding a motorcycle. If you put your all into what you’re doing, how is that a bad or negative thing?

Being a Geek, therefore, is a GOOD thing, people!

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What Toy Would You Want for Christmas?

I admitted in a video earlier today that I still enjoy playing with LEGO Bricks. I also apparently still like the Lite Brite!

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally letting your inner child come out to play when you’re a grown-up. I personally think it can help keep you sane and stress-free if you let your hair down once in awhile, and take the time to remember what it’s like to play. What do you do during occasions like these? Do you indulge yourself with crayons? Do you prefer to duke it out with action figures?

What toys do your inner child still love to play with?

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The Twelve Days of Christmas – Geek Style

I admit it – I love Christmas music. I like the old, traditional stuff. I like some of the funny stuff. I even like some of the new-fangled stuff! Earlier this evening, I was listening to some Christmas tunes while working in my office, and the Twelve Days of Christmas song came on. As I hummed along with this cute little song, I remembered that there’s a “redneck” version, as well. That got me thinking… where’s the Geek version?! Surely there are more than enough gadgets lying around to help inspire us, right? We demand equal representation! If Jeff Foxworthy can sing about redneck gifts, why can’t we sing about Geeky ones?

Here’s my challenge to you – come up with a whole new version of the standard Twelve Days of Christmas. The catch is, of course, that it has to be Geek style! Only Geeky gifts, gadgets and gizmos are allowed for each of the days. Make sure the song makes sense, and rhymes at least somewhat. If you want me to sing it on stream some day, you need to make sure it sounds at least kind of coherent. If I receive one that is truly awesome, you never know where you might see or hear your creation!

Get to writing, and email me your lyrics!

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Ubuntu 9.10 Screencast

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I recently asked all of you to submit your screencasts to me for review. The best of the best will be chosen to be featured here, in my various channels and outlets. This provides content of a different perspective for our community, and gives you new exposure for your work! Duncan has submitted an excellect screencast, showing all of us the new Ubuntu 9.1 operating system.

Before beginning an install, you should check the release notes for important information. Currently, the system requirements are 256MB of RAM, which means it should work on older systems.

There are two ways to obtain Ubuntu 9.10. The first is to go to the downloads page. From there, you can download the release .iso and mount it onto a CD. The other way to obtain it is to visit the Ship It link, and have them mail a physical CD right to your door – for free. However, it can take up to ten weeks to reach you.

Once you have your CD, you’ll find there are many options to use and/or install Ubuntu 9.10. You can live boot, and try it out without actually installing it. It’s very useful for trying it out and deciding what you think. You can also copy the contents of the CD onto a USB drive, which is handy as well.

The most common method of install is the Dual-Boot method in Windows. This involves shrinking your partition and installing Ubuntu onto the free space. Duncan personally chose to install his copy using VirtualBox to install Ubuntu 9.10 inside of a virtual machine.

You can see that the new version looks quite a bit different than the older version. As it was installing, Duncan walked us through several different options as far as video selection, RAM allocations and the like.

Once Ubuntu itself was installed, Duncan went in and installed the Virtual Box Tools. That allows him to do things like using the mouse more effectively. I definitely recommend you make use of the Tools if you’re going to use a virtual machine.

Duncan’s screencast gives you an excellent look into the installation, use and customization for Ubuntu 9.10. Be sure to watch this video if you’re even thinking about checking out this operating system!


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Windows 7 – Thumbs Up or Down?

The World is buzzing with talk of the release of Windows 7 at long last. Heck, even I spent my evening talking to the community about their thoughts on the new OS, including a nice long convo about the security of 7 with my assistant, Kat. Everywhere you look online, people are talking about Windows 7. It’s all over Twitter. It’s on blogs. It’s on both Lockergnome and Geeks. It’s even in the news. So, what are people saying?

It’s an awesome thing to see that much of the response is very, very positive. After the disaster that was Windows Vista, Microsoft has rebounded very, very well. I am enjoying using Win 7 myself, so much so that I have already written and published an eBook full of tips and tricks. I am using it on my Mac via Parallels, and even upgraded my HP TouchSmart to Windows 7 tonight, as well! I’m happy to report that Kat was right… the drivers are all updated on HPs website to make the Touch features work in Win 7!

So… let’s have it. What are your thoughts on Windows 7? Do you have it yet? If so, what do you think so far? If you don’t have it yet… are you planning to upgrade anytime soon? Why – or why not?

Windows 7 isn’t the only thing our community has been discussing lately, of course. On any given day, you’ll find blogs and discussions on any number of topics, ranging from health to politics to religion to computers and technology… and all the way to education, likes and dislikes and anything even remotely Geeky! If you aren’t contributing to either site yet, we’d love to have you. Even if you don’t feel you have anything to say, why not take some time to read what others are up to? You just may be surprised at the fact you can learn something new, or even gain a different perspective than you otherwise would have about something important.

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How to Build Your Own Linux Distro

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Chances are by now you’ve messed around with Linux. And of course, Linux may have messed around with you. Unless you know what you’re doing, it can be a real mess. So, there are distros you can download to help you along. These distributions are built by other people with different needs and ideas than what you have. So what are you left to do? How can you build your own distro?

By going to SUSE Studio, you can build your own personal Linux distribution right on the web. Customize it to your heart’s content, and share it with the world! SUSE Studio is a simple and fast appliance builder. It provides an easy to use, web-based user interface and will run in your browser without other needed software.

One great feature is the SUSE Studio Testdrive. You can boot, configure and test your appliance in a browser window without download. You don’t know what an appliance is? I’m glad you asked, so that I can tell you! An appliance is a combination of an application (such as a database), it’s configuration and an operating system. The parts are integrated into a single image which is then usable on pretty much any hardware.

You can even put your distro into a format that will work perfectly on demo CDs. Those are perfect to show off to others, or even give out at trade shows. Who knows – maybe your custom distro will be the next big one!! If Hannah Montana can have her own distro, what’s your excuse?!

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