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Ring Around the Tweets

I know that each of you has something inspiring to say on Twitter every day of your life, right? You continually amaze yourself when intellectual and stimulating thoughts flow from your fingertips in less than 140 characters. It’s not enough that those snippets are permanently saved in the Library of Congress, is it? You need a much better way to show the world what your mind is capable of. Why not wear your most promising tidbits right on your finger?

Tweet Rings are a great way to memorialize your most memorable social media moments. Add the Tweet of your choice to one side, and fill in some text (or even your Twitter username) on the other side. Choose between steel, silver and titanium metal.

If you’re one of those people who don’t have much of anything worth repeating to say on Twitter, you can still order one of these slick little babies for yourself. You can customize your ring in any way you choose – with words that you choose. The only caveat is that each side can only contain up to 140 characters of text. The 140 characters are super sharp engraved on both sides of your ring.

You can load all tweets from a specific twitter account. On the home page, fill in the twitter name. Click on the button below. Tweet-rings.com then loads all twitter messages. Click through the results one by one. When you’ve found your favourite tweet, click on ‘start with this’. The tweet will automatically appear on one side of the ring, the sender information on the other side.

These rings make a unique gift – to yourself or someone special in your life.