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If Your Life Had a Theme Song, What Would it Be?

This fun little question showed up on Lockergnome earlier today. I admit, it has me stumped. I’m not sure that I could come up with just one song to be my official theme song. There are so many good ones out there which fit me… especially stuff that Weird Al Yankovic writes. Many of you will likely choose an emotional or inspirational song – something that has meaning to you. However, I’m willing to be I’m not the only goofball out there.

So let’s have it: what song fits you the best? Which track is going to be your theme song? Additionally, what piece of music do you feel should tell MY life story?

There are no theme songs or title tracks to wade through when you visit our software center. All you’ll find is the latest – and best – software and apps for all of your devices and machines.

Twitter Wedding Proposal

Some women will tell you that “it’s all about the dress.” However, I’ve always heard that the most important part of a relationship (and wedding) is the actual proposal. I dare you to try out a search online for “Unique marriage proposals.” You’ll find so many millions and jillions of hits that your head will spin. Every woman wants a proposal to remember. Each of them wants something creative, unique and straight from the heart. We men sweat it out, trying to come up with the best possible way to do the deed. Sometimes, though, a simple popping of the question is all that it takes.

Community member (and soldier) SoldierKnowsBest proposed to his long-time girlfriend Christine via Twitter today. He tweeted his question with a link to a photo of the beautiful ring he had purchased for her.

Christine, predictably, said yes!

Nearly everyone (okay, maybe half of everyone) on Twitter is rushing to send in their congratulations to the couple. On behalf of our community, we wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

Lest I forget: for those of you ladies reading this post, I know you’ll want to see a picture of the bling!

Have you proposed (or been proposed to) in a unique way? Leave us a comment and tell us your story.