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How to Hide Your Twitter Addiction at Work

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Are you addicted to Twitter? I know you are – you’re constantly refreshing so you don’t miss anything. There are tons of clients available to help you keep track of things. There’s even a special client is great to use when at work! Many bosses may freak out if they catch you using Twitter during working hours for some reason.

So, if you need to hide your tweets and use a Twitter client that looks a lot like a spreadsheet – check out Spreadtweet. You can choose your “layout” – from Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office OS X. Use whatever one fits your office, and makes it look as though you’re actually working! *wink*

If you don’t have Adobe Air, you can also try the web-based version. This way, you’d be working on a spreadsheet within a browser! How productive are you now?!

It’s Twitter. You know you love it. You know you’re addicted to it. You KNOW you have to have it!

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Am I the Only Person on the Planet who Can't Stand Twhirl?

Seriously, I can’t be the only one. It’s just unresponsive, ugly and… blah. I have given it a fair shake, and nothing about it makes me want to even attempt to use it again. I put the question to my friends, to see what they thought about Twhirl.

just like windows – fijidaddy

Nope. I love the sporadic jumping around the desktop too. – Kevin Cearns

I don’t really care for it either if that is any consolation — I really don’t see the point – Brian Sullivan

Nope,can’t stand it either – Mo Kargas

True that it’s slow, while watching the FriendFeed page I see around 2 min. delay between actually receiving posts. Thwirl I really like for design and concept. But for the network-capabilities, it could maybe do better. – Elijah Bailey via twhirl

i never understood why there needs to be separate instances for every account. and yeah, butt ugly. – Craig Childs

I wouldn’t use it myself — Twitterrific and twitter.com work way better for me. – Jake Jarvis

ugly yes, but the feature set is first class – Duncan Riley

I just use the website. SMS for people I really am following, – Andrew Feinberg

I like twhirltles. Twhirl is my favorite. – Bwana McCall

It’s currently the only way to get desktop notifications of @replies in identica on the mac. I’d love for an active Mac OS X native application that implemented these microblogging/status update services at the same speed that Friendfeed implements them. Maybe then I’d stop using just Twitter. – Mark Trapp

I deleted it some time ago. The view was not worth the climb. – Phil Yanov

I’m not the world’s biggest Twhirl fan by any means. I think they’ve been completely unresponsive to new development since Seesmic bought it. Before that happened, you could actually get a reply from the developer and updates were frequent. Since then, updates have become far less frequent and I don’t know the last time I’ve had a response to a tweet about issues. But, in Twhirl’s defense, it isn’t any uglier than any other app available. And you can skin it, so if it’s ugly, it’s your own fault. – Gregory Pittman via twhirl

I don’t like it either, can’t match Twitterific. – Oli Kenobi

Yes. You are. Now what?:-) – Francine Hardaway

I’ve used Twhirl more than most AIR apps, but that’s not saying much. – Chris Baskind

Works good for me on Vista, just use the the web based version of Twitter on Mac OS X – Scott

After making an effort to like Twhirl for the longest while, I am now back to the browser for both twitter and friendfeed. The search continues… – Kamath

I think it needs some UI improvements as they add services but I think it’s very cool, actualoly. – Hal Rottenberg via twhirl

I like Spaz for Twitter…is there an alternative for FF? – Marc Vermut via twhirl

no, you’re not. I don’t like it either. – edythe

I don’t like it either. – Mack D. Male

I can’t stand it, it is buggy, and for some reason, they display comments in reverse chronological order. It is sub-par, but it the best FF client I have found so far, but that isn’t saying much. – James Mowery via twhirl

My biggest complaint is that it’s a RAM hog. It also occasionally beachballs on me, but I’m guessing that’s related to my first point. – Kevin Johnson via twhirl

Me too. – James Clarke

I use Twhirl on my linux box. It’s been rock solid and have been running for several months now. – imabonehead

while I agree twhirl is a
Memory hog and the interface is getting messier by the day it still seems to be the best app out there – Fuad Arshad

I hated it. Using TwitterFox – Alex C. Williams

Twitterrific and TwitterFox do the job for me. Twhirl’s interface just irritates me. – Andrew Trinh

The scrolling behavior annoyed the heck out of me, but maybe I missed a magic key combo. I want it to work like Google Reader, where it always scrolls the next item to the top of the window. Twhirl scrolls to the next item that’s not completely visible in the window when using the scroll wheel or down arrow. This always threw me off, so I stopped using it. A combined window is also sorely needed. Tabs would be ok but an option for a single view of all services intermixed would be best. – invariant

nope. me too. i would assume everybody using windows effectivly (not that that are many people) do not like the interface as it is very counterintuitive to what makes windows fast and efficient to work with. – Nicole Simon

I agree Thirl needs some extra work, especially when it comes to scrolling in FriendFeed – but I stick to it to give them time to improve it. Hopefully they will until I start to believe all the haters here. – Svetlana Gladkova via twhirl

Man, Twhirl is terrible. It won’t stay open more than about 5 minutes for me. It never notifies me. Every interface I’ve seen using Air requires too much relearning. The standard web page interface for FriendFeed works much better. – Richard Crocker

Yeah, I installed it thinking "Hey, what a great way to keep up with FF" Hell no! It’s awful and the scrolling is so jerky! But I do like the notifications… – zoblue

I’m a fan of Twhirl, but then, I’m biased. I work with Marco (the developer of twhirl) at Seesmic. A number of the issues mentioned here are very frustrating shortfalls of the AIR platform (that we’re eager to discover workarounds for.) FWIW, I can tell you that we are very interested in the option for a single window view. I would love to hear any feedback at [email protected] dot com – Thomas Knoll

Thomas, glad to see you here. It’s always good to hear from the developer. That used to be a huge plus for Twhirl. But that stopped suddenly when Seesmic bought Twhirl. That’s a shame. You’re correct in saying that some of the bugs listed here are AIR bugs, over which you have no control. But some of them–the spastic jumping around, for example–are not AIR bugs. They’re all Twhirl’s. And we haven’t heard any explanation and there have been seemingly no attempts to fix it. – Gregory Pittman via twhirl

How do you Tweet? Do you use Twhirl? If so… what’s your opinion on it? What other apps can you recommend that will be much better for everyone to try?