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My eBooks

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You wanna learn? Cool. I wanna teach. Each one of my eBooks is available in PDF – no DRM!

By the way, I’m using these guys to host my eBooks shopping cart. I’ll be writing more in the near future, depending largely on demand – and given the amount of questions I get asked on a daily basis, I’d say the demand is pretty darn high. So, why would you wanna buy one of my eBooks?

  • Each one of them will be quick and easy to read
  • You’ll save yourself time, energy, and money
  • The PDF files can be viewed just about anywhere
  • There are no DRM restrictions involved
  • You’re doing your part to support the community
  • You’re looking to gain a little extra knowledge
  • Refunds actually become donations to charity
  • If just one tip helps you, isn’t it worth doing?

Let me know what other knowledge I might be able to impart?

Free eBooks for Gnomedex Attendees!

You have to be in the Gnomedex audience (or tuned in live) to get the coupon code. 🙂

Doing It Differently

Okay, I love what Gina and pt do – who doesn’t? Jake and I have been kicking an idea around for a while, and I think we’re ready to unleash it. Nothing revolutionary, mind you – just an idea that might (or might not) work.

We’re Doing It – a DIY/GTD group blog that anybody can join at any time. Sign up, post a draft immediately, and never post again for all we care (or continue to post, if you get enough cross-promotional or search engine traffic from the coverage).

So, let’s just see if this “wisdom of crowds” thingy works – and not just for geeks!