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Best Free Blogging Platform

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Someone asked recently which free blogging platform is the “best” one to get started with. This question is pretty impossible to answer. There are many decent free blog providers out there. As with anything, you have to research what they offer and see how well it fits your needs.

Blogger is a good choice for beginners. It’s the one I used way back in the day – before it was owned by Google. You can also use WordPress. They have a free blogging area, in addition to the ability to download the software for use on your own domain.

I happen to own a site for Geeks, which has free blogging available. Any good content posted there automatically gets featured in my daily newsletters, so it’s a great way for you to be “discovered” by people looking for blogs to read. Doing something like this can help you gain a dedicated group of followers, who would then read what you’re doing on your own site someday.

We do have free blogs on Lockergnome, but we only accept people there who have excellent writing abilities. If you feel you can write far better than an average person, we’d love to have you. Keep in mind, though, that being able to write well is not something that everyone can master.

There are also services such as Posterous and Tumblr.

Figure out what it is YOU need in a blogging service, and then match that against what each of the providers can give you.

What free blogging service do you recommend – and why?

WordPress Vs. Tumblr

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During live calls recently, Alex called in to ask my opinion on the differences between using WordPress and using Tumblr to blog. Tumblr is a great service and it works very well with almost zero downtime. However, I still prefer WordPress. I don’t like the limitations placed on users by closed platforms such as Tumblr.

I feel that Tumblr (and other systems like it) don’t provide me with any benefits. The reason I set up the Premium LockerGnome site is to help others get started on their own blogging path with WordPress.

Alex pointed out that he prefers the functionality of Tumblr and the many features it offers. I’m sure there’s a plugin (or more than one) out there somewhere for WP that will give you those same types of features. I am just adamant that I don’t want to use something that is so closed and unable to be easily changed and “manipulated” to suit my needs.

Don’t get me wrong; Tumblr is a good service. I have a Tumblr account myself! In terms of dramatically different, it’s not much different than what most people would expect from a blogging platform. Tumblr (and others like it) could disappear within a year or two (or may be bought out). It happens all of the time. With something so large and open source like WordPress, you just don’t have to worry about that.

What are your thoughts? Which type of blogging platform do you use — and why?

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