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How to Put Trust Back in Your Business and Your Life

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Todd Welch is the author of the book Trust, How to put “it” Back in Business. Shortly after Gnomedex 9.0, he started a thousand-day journey studying trust and learning from his experiences to share with others.

He co-founded Charter Partners, a company that uses Cooperative Entrepreneurship to organize hundreds of entrepreneurs into creative teams. He also founded the Charter Partners Institute and WINGS to provide hands-on learning experiences that have taught thousands of high school and college students the concept of Cooperative Entrepreneurship.

His website and endeavor, The Trust Tour, give you the tools and resources you need to help bring trust back into your business – and your life.

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Apple Trusts Users more than Microsoft?

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I bought the Family Pack for Leopard. Apple gives me licensing to install my copy of Leopard on up to five Macs. The thing is… the disc is the exact same as the one for ONE install. Apple TRUSTS me to install this as I say I will. They BELIEVE in me. How many others companies DO that?

You heard me right, folks. Apple trusts us. They believe that I will install my copy on only up to five computers. They believe if you buy a single install disc, you’ll only install it on one computer. There is no “activation”. All you do is install. How many of you have had nightmares with Windows activation in the past? That type of pain and frustration is what happens when a company inherently does not trust its customers.

This is more than just “mac vs pc” guys and gals. This is about core beliefs. It’s about trust. Yes, that word again. Tired of it yet? How can you be? How often is it in this day and age you find someone who just trusts you automatically? Most of the time, individuals and companies alike generally distrust anyone and everyone until proven wrong. It’s nice for once to have the opposite be true.

Apple… kudos to you. I applaud you, and I thank you. I am going to be honest. I purchased the Family pack, and plan to install it on four Macs in my house. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to tell the truth.

This is the way it should be. Always. Period.

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It Could've Been Worse? Bullshit.

So, I was supposed to make some kind of “major” announcement on the 6th of November. As you can see, that date has come and gone with narry a whisper escaping from my digital lips.

I’ll never be at liberty to discuss why nothing was said, however. Even close friends who think they know what happened don’t really know. They’ll never know – nobody will ever know.

One thing is certain: my trust in the future of our industry (and the alleged transparency of the blogosphere) is at an all-time low.

Instead of to Los Angeles, Ponzi and I are moving somewhere within the Seattle area in a matter of weeks (days before our wedding).