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Star Wars Games

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As you know, I am obsessed with Star Wars. I decided to buy myself this book for Christmas, since I’m a single adult. Santa doesn’t visit my house unless I make him visit! In any case, I love Star Wars. This trivia book is interactive, and something that will bring me hours (and HOURS!) of enjoyment!

The Obsessed with Star Wars: Test Your Knowledge of a Galaxy Far, Far Away book is an absolute hoot. We begin the adventure by pressing a button, which gives us a question to take a look at. Flip the book open, and find the right question. Read it, and choose your answer.

Choose your answer on the interactive scoring device, and if you are correct it will ding at you! If you are wrong, Darth Vader will vaporize you! Okay, Darth doesn’t really show up. But wouldn’t that be pretty awesome! If you’re incorrect, the device buzzes at you.

There are 2500 trivia questions inside this book, so you’ll not run out of trivia any time soon. If you do, then maybe you’re much more of a Trekkie than I could ever hope to be.

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Wits and Wagers Trivia Game for the Xbox 360

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My neighbor just happens to be Jeff, who is the CEO of Hidden Path Entertainment game company in Seattle. They just recently launched a new game into the Xbox Live community called Wits and Wagers. This is a trivia-based game, based on a board game that was created around 2001.

Wits & Wagers is the fun trivia party game where you don’t need the right answers to win! For each question, bet on the answer you think is closest to the truth, whether or not that answer is your own.

With up to 25 hours of unique questions, local and online play, plus the ability to link one group of local users to another group via “couch-to-couch” multi player, Wits & Wagers is a party waiting to happen.

Get 700 questions, great character costumes and dance moves, catchy music, achievements, leader boards, support for the Xbox LIVE Vision camera, the Xbox Big Button Pad, and more.

Features of Wits and Wagers include:

  • Engaging social play: Wits & Wagers is easy to play and yet strategically deep for advanced players. Some win with their knowledge of trivia, others with what they know about their friends.
  • Fun questions: The first question pack of 700 questions is included, providing hours of game play. Games consist of seven questions for a quick and casual round of fun.
  • Connecting couches: The game supports one to four players at one console, or two to six players online. Invite your friends over to your house, or invite your friends online.
  • Peripheral support: Wits & Wagers supports both the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera and the Big Button Pad controller.


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