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What’s the Gaudiest Hotel Decor? A Glowing Buddha!

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Not long ago, I appeared at MacHeist. The hotel I stayed in while there was pretty good. I had clean towels and bedding. It was comfortable, and plenty large enough for myself. I had hot and cold running water. The pictures on the walls weren’t even so bad! (You KNOW what I’m talking about!)

However, for some unknown reason, there was a glowing Buddha in my room. I’m not kidding you – take a look at the video. There was a large glowing Buddha on a shelf in my room. I don’t know why they did this, but it confuses me. If I were a Buddhist, I would likely be offended by a Buddha that glows. If I were a Christian, I would be equally offended by a glowing statue of Christ.

Not sure what’s up with this, or why they felt the need to place this statue in the room. Were they trying to be funny? If so, they failed miserably. Were they thinking it’s hip and cool? Again – epic fail. If the owners or manager of the hotel are Buddhists, that’s wonderful for them. However, I don’t feel it’s right to “push” that belief set on their paying guests, and making them uncomfortable, by placing such a thing in the rooms.

What do you think? Am I right to feel weird about this? Why or why not? And while you’re busy typing an answer… what’s the strangest or most unique hotel decor you’ve ever seen?

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How Can You Create a Customized, Personalized Travel Guide?

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My family traveled all over the US when I was growing up. We loved getting off the beaten path and discovering things most people would not. I still travel these days, and have found a website that can help with all of the details. OffBeat Guides is extremely compelling.

Offbeat Guides are the first travel guides that you create online using the most current travel information available on the internet for over 30,000 travel destinations. These personalized travel guides give you all of the information that traditional travel guides include, plus more. For the first time, you can personalize your guide based on your travel dates, destination, and personal travel interests.

Beyond the five simple steps that it takes to build your guide, you can chose to further customize your guide to suit your own, individual needs. Using our customization feature, you can delete the chapters that are unnecessary for your trip. You can also add additional information to your guide, such as your itinerary, recommendations from friends, or any content that you wish to include.

Once you customize your guide, you can order a copy to print, have a .PDF created and sent to you, or choose to do both! The problem with travel guides you buy from a store is that the information may be out-of-date, or won’t pertain to you and your needs. By using OffBeat .PDF, you will get only what it is you are interested in, and will work for you.

In your guide, you’ll find things like weather forecasts, events occuring at your destination, and even currency conversion information if applicable. This service is just absolutely amazing. I’ve already ordered my travel guide for my next trip. Why haven’t you ordered yours?


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Do You Like Going to the Beach?

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We can always count on some excellent tips from regular chat room member Bowler4Ever. This list is no exception. Here are some tips to make your next trip to the beach fun and safe.

  • Bring a lot of cash, a DEBIT OR GIFT card(s), and plenty of quarters for the arcades and the parking meters! If you don’t, then the change machines are always nearby when you need a couple bucks in change. Be sure to use $1 or $5 bills, as most machines only take those bills.
  • Bring sunblock, preferably anything over SPF 30. There are some sunblocks that have as much as SPF 60-70! Ensure that the sunblock takes care of UVA and UVB rays! If not, then you can get badly burned or even INFECTED!
  • Bring some friends! You can’t go to the beach alone as it gets pretty boring after awhile! Bring some friends (and a portable grill!) to join you on the trip. You’ll have much more fun with other people (plus, you never know if they’ll pitch in for you if you’re short on something!)
  • Bring coupons and vouchers! You never know what you can find in a coupon booklet or vacation pamphlets! Take a peek through them to find a good restaurant, free mini-golf games, or even a discount at the water slides! More money for you is always a good thing!
  • Bring the cameras! You’ve got to memorialize your fun somehow. Digital cameras and video camcorders are the best cameras to bring for ease of use and to get them uploaded to websites such as Flickr. If you just want to show family, a disposable camera will do just fine.


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