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Smokey Eyes

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Liz Money was kind enough to submit a video for me to add to our beauty tips and tricks collection. Granted, this particular video isn’t geared towards the guys. But hey! There are a heck of a lot of girl Geeks, as well! All you dudes, just chill and skip this one. Ladies – pay attention and learn how to get those sexy, smokey eyes.

Apparently you need several different fluff brushes in order to put all of this goop on! Make sure you have angled ones, and many different sizes. The particular palette she’s using has the colors already laid out for you. It tells you what color goes where on your eyes!! I guess they also are good for all skin tones, and day or night wear.

First you’ll add your primer (eyeshadow base). This will make your lid sticky enough to make the makeup last longer. Make sure you pat it on, and let it dry fully. Start with your lightest color, and sweep from the lashline to just under the brow using the large fluffy brush.

Next comes the medium color, which is the lid color. Use the smallest brush, or an angled one. Press it into the palette to get a maximum amount of pigment on the brush. Start at the lashline, and trace around your lid.

The challenging part is doing the crease… with the darkest color. Using a round brush, press it into the color again to get the right amount of pigment. It goes right where your lid creases. This creates depth, and shadowing. The trick with the smokey eyes is to blend a ton, so you don’t look stripey.

In order to line the upper lid, you’ll need to take the sharply angled brush and dip it in the darkest color. Start at the inside corner, and carefully trace across your lid, right at the lashline. Make sure you keep that eyelid pulled taut!

If you want to be more dramatic, you can line your lower lashline as well. You’re going to line the inside rim of your lower lashline. It sounds scary, but apparently it’s not! It looks crazy Liz – you’re right about that! But you’re right again when you say it makes your eyes pop.

So there you have it! Now when you’re wanting to look especially gorgeous for us Geeky dudes, you know what to do! Thanks again, Liz!

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Geek Eye for the Sloppy Guy – a Beginning

I think my new idea is catching on rather well. “Geek Eye for the Sloppy Guy”. I can’t help but love that title for the series I’m doing – beauty tips for guys! Who knows – maybe it will turn into a television show someday! Ok, ok – maybe not. But hey… anything can happen! Have you seen the latest additions to the series?

I’ve been busy doing other things, as well. Don’t worry – I’m still a techie at heart! Just because I tend to take pride in how well-groomed I am doesn’t mean I’m not still a complete Geek! I love to read about anything and everything, especially things that all of you from the community put out there. I spend hours a day just checking out what’s what, who’s where, and why wonders never cease! Are you reading what your peers are doing?

Tips for Internet Newbies (and General Reminders)

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As we get older, the world wide web gets newer. We find ourselves not able to keep up with the new world because we’re still stuck spending senseless hours checking 20 emails and trying to figure out how to install a program on Vista. For those of you like me, going on 21 for the 9th year in a row, here are 5 tips to help you get through the old stuff so you can stay hip with the new.

  • Book it before you book it. Now let’s say you are in the bored surfing mood, and you come across a cool website that you like. You think you would like to go back to it. The little “favorite” button or “bookmark” button will remember it for you. That way, you don’t spend 30 minutes to an hour getting frustrated, trying to figure out the website. So just book it before you book it. If it was just a “mood” website, you can always right click and delete it later!
  • You have the “best” pop up blocker installed and are certain nothing that shouldn’t is getting through. If it does… you just hit cancel… and what the heck you’re at their site!4. So, not only does crap still get through, you also have to read it before you click it. For example some will say, “to continue to the website click ‘cancel’.” Them sneaky sons of www dot coms did it again! Don’t waste another 15 minutes of what you have left of your life playing click that pop-up!
  • The dreaded Email. You always check your email when you get online. Yesterday, even though it took you two hours, you got your email down to 0 and now it’s back up to let’s say 20 new messages. Now, you don’t want to waste another two hours checking and replying and wondering who that “Jim” is that says he knows you and has been looking for you. So, you probably didn’t know this like the “hip” kids do… but not all spam messages make it into the spam folders. Them sneaky sons of www dot coms can sure sneak them in there. Trust me, 9 times out of 10 you are not the lucky winner in a drawing, or have been selected in a special giveaway. And honey… even though your memory’s going… you don’t know Jim! I personally hit the little spam button on those emails and eventually after a couple times they go away.
  • Not that this has ever happened to me before… you find yourself in let’s say Chris’s chat room. And let’s say the topic is gadgets. Now all the “young’ns” in the channel are chatting and swapping gadget ideas, and you find yourself lost asking “hey, what is an iPod?” or “hey, what is a 3g card?” Of course, nobody answers you. They are busy thinking, “You gotta be kidding me right? They’re just messing around.” Well, here’s a tip: make Google your new best friend. When you are lost, Google will help you find your way. Taking a few minutes to google something is a lot better than looking dumb or like an old fart in chat.
  • Watch your links. You’re chatting with one of your online buddies and they send you a link to lets say rnicrosoft.com. Earlier, you had Googled some new software that just came out, and you would like to buy it. So, you click on the link, find the software and give all your info. Weeks later… your CC is maxed out! If you carefully look at the link it’s r n i c r o s o f t . c o m. The r and the n are pushed together to look like m. This is just an example. though I’m pretty sure with your protection maybe something that drastic won’t happen, but that is one way your passwords and info. can get stolen. Sometimes, you are better off to type in the link yourself that way your not wasting even more time online and off trying to get this mess resolved.


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How to Sell on Ebay

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Here are some great tips for being a good Ebay seller. Building up an excellent feedback rating is critical to becoming a successful seller. Following these tips will help you do just that.

  • List your auction clearly. In the description, be as clear as possible. If the device is damaged, say that is is. If it’s new in box, say new in box. If still in mint condition, say so. If used and has wear, say so.
  • Start with a low bid price. You’d be astounded by how many people look at the starting price. If it’s high enough that one could go to walmart and pay a few dollars more more to get, then your starting price is to high. If you dont want under a certain amount, set a reserved price for the lowest you want to take. While this cost a little more in the listing, it makes it that you can be happy knowing that the item wont go for less than you really wanted it to.
  • PICTURES!!!! Pictures help sell. If someone cant see the item, or a version of it, they might tend to go to another seller for the item. If you can, take picutres of YOUR item, not a stock file photo of the device.
  • Set your shipping price fairly. If the shipping price is too much, people WILL balk at the item. The buyers will look at your item as crap. Now, if you specify what method you are using, they can then look and see what it cost themselves. Also, i have seen where some have automatic shipping calculators on the auction. This way, you can see what it cost for quicker shipping methods.
  • Allow buyers to ask question. If you answer the questions they have quickly, they are might be more tempted to buy your item simple because it looks like you cared about that they were asking about.
  • If the seller refused to pay, you can give the second highest bidder a chance to get the item on a “second chance”. This is good if someone was being the north end of a southbound mule and made a fraudulent bid near the end of the auction.
  • Use the ability for a person to “Buy it now”. This really helps. You can set a low auction bid, and an option to buy it at a certain price. It also allows for a person to skip the entire auction protions and buy the item from you. The only thing bad is that if someone sends a bid, the “buy it now option” goes away.. At least it did before. eBAY might have changed that recently.


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Simple eBay Guide

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We’re using our GoToMeeting tonight to do videos. You can get a discount on the GoToMeeting software by using our special GoToMeeting link.

Tonight, I’m going to pass along to you some eBay tips that someone sent me.

I just bought a cell phone on eBay and thought I would like to share a few tips on making your eBay experience better.

  • “Let the buyer beware.” Look over the listing before you bid or buy. The listing can have important information about the product, the seller’s shipping and payment policies and important things like that. This avoids conflict later on.
  • Bid only if you have the money to pay for the item. This is important because if you don’t pay or defer payment for too long, then you can risk negative feedback and a bad reputation on eBay. Plus also make sure that the credit card or PayPal account works and the payment can go through.
  • Leave feedback on each transaction on eBay whether you buy or sell. IT helps build a reputation on eBay and people will want to conduct business with you.
  • Sellers: Please charge a decent amount for your products and a decent amount for shipping. This will attract more people to buy your products. Don’t charge an outrageous price so no one will buy bit not too cheap so you make nothing; find a balance. And also ship on time as well. Buyers get frustrated and worried when their items arrive late. Make all policies and information clear to the seller and have a good communication with your buyers.
  • Be nice; don’t flame other members and users in messages. They will make a note of that when comes time for feedback.
  • Remember: “The customer is always right.” Listen to what the customer is saying and take their advice. You want their business right?

Personally, I hate PayPal, but most sellers prefer and require PayPal. I try to pay with checks/money order. There are a handful of sellers who accept checks/MO, some who don’t accept PayPal. So as I said earlier, look carefully at the listing to see what forms of payment they accept and what their policies are, More can be learned from how to guides like the eBay Bible. I hope these have helped you and others in making a pleasurable eBay experience.


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Online Shopping Tips and Tricks

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Today, I went shopping online to purchase the new Casio camera that is being touted as the “YouTube camera”. It encodes videos to the format used by YouTube, saving me a step or two in my recording process. I did a lot of research into finding the best price, and came across a website I wanted you to know about.

On ClayValet, you can submit up to five free requests per week. ClayValet is a personal shopping service. They can give advice, find you deals, and recommend the best products. Simply tell them what you’re looking for, and they’ll do the work for you.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: always do your research. Turn to the people in your circle, whether that is family and close friends, or on social networking sites. Always make sure you check things out before you buy them, and look for the best prices… or even coupons. Want to embed this video on your own site, blog, or forum? Use this code or download the video:

Best Computer Halloween Tricks

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Halloween is fast approaching, and I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of tricks you can play on someone using their computer.

  • Replace their normal wallpaper with an image of a BSOD, and remove all their icons
  • Change their HOSTS file to make every Google page redirect to a Rick Rolled
  • Install the Office Poltergeist on their machine
  • Tell them sadly that they will have to downgrade to Windows ME
  • Link them to a screamer on YouTube… such as MINE

Have a wonderful… and SAFE… Halloween.

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Remember to Write it Down

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Any time you have to work with electronics and take things apart, make sure you plan what you’re doing. Don’t get over-anxious and just start disassembling something you may not later remember how to properly put back together.

Ponzi and I recently got some new shelving units for our basement media room, which is still coming together. I have 7.1 surround sound, and had to unhook all the wires from the back of the receiver. Had I just started pulling them out, putting it back together could have been a nightmare. Here are some things I did to help me remember, and are my “tips” to you when doing anything similar at your home.

  • Have plenty of light. Make sure you can see what goes where, the proper color wires, and the proper holes.
  • I recorded myself with my video camera. This gave me a visual and audio backup to refer to if needed.
  • I grabbed some stickers out of Ponzi’s desk drawer. Little color-coded stickers are a great little thing to use to keep things organized. You can actually buy wire labeling kits that you can write on the long, thin sticker what the cord is for, then wrap it around the cord permanently.
  • Write. It. Down. Yes, write! I even drew a little diagram in one instance.

If you take any or all of the above steps, you shouldn’t have any problems when the time comes to reassemble what you’ve taken apart.

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Hey Hey, San Jose!

Silicon Valley – how cool your breezes blow across my balcony in the San Jose Marriott. We’re covering the Search Engine Strategies conference for Windows Live this week, and I think I’ve inadvertently stumbled into a different kind of interview strategy. From this point forward, every one of our guests will be forced to reveal between 5 to 10 tips to our listeners. Everybody wants to be an expert, so instead of merely talking about their expertise – we’re going to allow them to prove it to everybody. Infonuggets are easy to digest, even with the most foreign subjects. Oh, and speaking of foreign – Jake’s headed to DEMO China in a couple of weeks, and we’re actively seeking sponsorship with what will likely be a set of very unique and exclusive interviews.