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Discover Your City in a New Way with MyCityWay

Even if you grew up in a major city such as New York or Chicago, you still may not know how to find your way around. Where do you find the best steak? How do you know which hot spots are truly hot this week? The new MyCityWay apps can show you exactly what you need to know – and where you need to go.

There are more than fifty categories to search through in every city app, including things such as: WiFi locations, Transit options, Upcoming events, City Landmarks, Free Things to Do, Kid Interests, Tour Bookings, Tickets, Restaurants, Shopping, Traffic Cameras, Nightlife Discovery, Local News, Parking, Job Listings and even Apartment Listings! This app is your one-stop choice whether you currently live in one of the cities they serve, plan to visit one of them or if you’re thinking about relocating to any of them.

Currently, there are individual apps for the cities of New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. More cities are coming in the near future, as well. With ability to integrate with any social graph – Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or custom mash-ups – this will be the new usable glue that city residents and tourists have been craving to pull everything together.

The app is currently available for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Blackberry’s. The team is working to bring the application to Windows Phone 7 users in the near future.

Zagat Puts Reviews in Your Hands

At first glance, Nina Zagat looks like any other woman you might happen to meet in New York City. She is pleasant and personable, with a huge smile that lights up her entire face. Spend even just two minutes speaking to her, though, and you’ll understand why she and her husband Tim have made Zagat Rating and Review guides into a household name. She embodies everything that one would hope to find in an entrepreneur. Nina is smart, creative and passionate about what they’re doing in the NYC offices. She also has a damn good eye on the future and what they need to do to keep up with the times.

Zagat Survey began as a hobby for Tim and Nina back in 1979. They saw a need for good restaurant guides, and wanted to fill that gap. I believe it is this enthusiasm and love for what they are doing that has carried them to the top over the years. They became a leader in the social space before the social space was even defined. In the years since their launch, they have expanded to become the world’s most trusted source to help consumers make informed decisions about restaurants, nightspots, hotels, attractions and other leisure activities.

Zagat is working hard to lead the mobile push, as well. Nina chuckles when she speaks of the ways they are pushing forward to embrace the mobile market. She admits that the majority of their users come from iPhone owners… but they are working hard to improve their Android app and their upcoming Windows Phone 7 app. Look for information about that here on launch day – November 8th!

Today, Zagat Survey® has expanded to cover more than 100 countries worldwide and a range of leisure activities including dining, travel, nightlife, shopping, golf, theater, movies and music. Zagat content – available today on most media platforms – lets people search for and find the perfect places for their needs based a wide range of useful criteria. That breadth and depth of information has made Zagat a name that consumers can trust – even if they aren’t sure how to pronounce it.

The single best component of Zagat is the fact that their information actually comes from YOU. The surveys are filled out by consumers just like yourself… people who eat, shop, watch movies and visit local attractions. The information is compiled into a guide by Zagat’s content department. The star ratings are given based on the feedback provided by all of you.

Zagat is not just an ordinary guide book – it’s a way of life. Check them out today.

How Can You Create a Customized, Personalized Travel Guide?

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My family traveled all over the US when I was growing up. We loved getting off the beaten path and discovering things most people would not. I still travel these days, and have found a website that can help with all of the details. OffBeat Guides is extremely compelling.

Offbeat Guides are the first travel guides that you create online using the most current travel information available on the internet for over 30,000 travel destinations. These personalized travel guides give you all of the information that traditional travel guides include, plus more. For the first time, you can personalize your guide based on your travel dates, destination, and personal travel interests.

Beyond the five simple steps that it takes to build your guide, you can chose to further customize your guide to suit your own, individual needs. Using our customization feature, you can delete the chapters that are unnecessary for your trip. You can also add additional information to your guide, such as your itinerary, recommendations from friends, or any content that you wish to include.

Once you customize your guide, you can order a copy to print, have a .PDF created and sent to you, or choose to do both! The problem with travel guides you buy from a store is that the information may be out-of-date, or won’t pertain to you and your needs. By using OffBeat .PDF, you will get only what it is you are interested in, and will work for you.

In your guide, you’ll find things like weather forecasts, events occuring at your destination, and even currency conversion information if applicable. This service is just absolutely amazing. I’ve already ordered my travel guide for my next trip. Why haven’t you ordered yours?


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