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GarageBand Tutorial

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Today’s screencast is one that is both informative and fun. Alex is a GarageBand expert, and wanted to show all of you his tips and tricks. When I’ve used GarageBand in the past, I simply clicked on a lot of things and attempted to actually make something that resembled music. However, there are actually specific things that you can do. Who would have ever guessed?!

Once you open GarageBand, you’ll want to choose “Loops”. That lets you use all of the tracks included with the application, as well as adding in your own instruments. Name your recording whatever you choose. At the bottom, you’ll see options for changing the key, tempo and beats per minute. However, it’s usually better to change it from within your project.

Choose a category to the right of your project window. You’ll see a listing of all the tracks, and you should choose whatever one you like the most. You should play around by putting a few different tracks together, to see what works well together.

GarageBand allows you to change the length of each track in your project, as well as letting you fade tracks in and out. Alex gives excellent instructions for managing this, and plays his end result for you. It’s not difficult to do. I would have never figured it was this easy!

You can also record your own voice (or musical instrument!) and add it to your track. Use your built-in mic or external microphone. Create a new track, and choose “Software Instrument”. Once you’re all set, you can start playing your tune… and then save it. Play around with the different instruments that come included with GarageBand, and even add your own singing in there if you dare!

Once you are finished with your song, click on “Share”. You can now send your creation to different applications, such as to a CD burner or iTunes. Don’t compress the song file, or you will lose quite a lot of quality.

Thanks a lot Alex for teaching this old dog some new tricks!

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How to Remove Vocals from Songs Using Audacity

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This is the next in our series of screencasts recorded by people in our community! You can always submit your own, you know. I’m still looking for more good screencasters! Daniel has created this short tutorial for us, to show us how to easily remove the vocals from any song using the free Audacity software.

Open up your song in Audacity. In that top box, click the small drop-down arrow, and choose “Split Stereo Track”. Once it has split into two panes, go to the top of the Audacity window and click “Effect”, and then “Invert”.

Once it has finished, go back to that bottom pane, and click on the drop-down arrow there. Choose “Mono”. Select the top track and repeat the procedure, choosing “Mono” there, as well.

Once you have done this, you’ll notice that the vocals aren’t nearly as prominent. It doesn’t remove it completely, but it does lessen the strength of the voice so that you can easily sing over it, using the edited track for Karaoke purposes.

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