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MPEG Streamclip Screencast

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Marques has sent in another excellent screencast for us to use. This one teaches you about the free MPEG Screencast, available from Squared 5. This software is available for both Mac OS X and Windows. MPEG Streamclip will allow you to watch videos in dozens of different formats, as well as allowing you to convert between them with professional-quality output. Don’t forget that it’s not too late – you can still submit your screencasts for use on our channels.

You can use MPEG Streamclip to open most movie formats including MPEG files or transport streams. Play them at full screen or edit them with Cut, Copy, Paste, and Trim. You can also export your files into several different types, so that they can easily be imported into programs such as Final Cut Pro, Toast, or DVD Studio Pro.

MPEG Streamclip can handle files and streams larger than 4 GB, split in any number of segments, or with multiple audio tracks, and can also optionally handle timecode breaks. The player included in MPEG Streamclip lets you preview the files and transport streams before doing the conversion; it also lets you visually set the In and Out points for the conversion so you can convert just the part of the file you are interested in, and also cut commercials and other unwanted parts, or edit the stream and join two streams with Cut/Copy/Paste.

Thanks, Marques for an awesome look at an awesome program. MPEG Streamclip is a professional-quality program – at no cost!

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What’s the Best Blu-ray DVD Player and Burner to Buy?

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Most of you probably have an optical drive in your computer, or even externally. But do you have a Blu-ray drive? If not, you should look into picking up a Mercury Pro!

OWC has rolled out the first external Blu-ray drive in the world that features Quad Interface, enabling it to hook up to your computer via four different methods – FireWire 400/800, USB 2.0 and eSATA, making it compatible with both Mac and PC platforms. There will be two models available – the Mercury Pro SW-5583 that reads/writes Blu-ray, DVD, DVD-RAM and CD-R/RW while the Mercury Pro SW-5583T does all the mentioned and comes with a full retail version of Roxio Toast 9 Titanium (Mac OS X).

The Mercury Pro is plug-and-play, and connects via FireWire… which is what interested me to begin with! I have an option to buy this at the end of my 30-day review, and I’m thinking of doing so. I’ve been wanting an external DVD drive, and this one really fits the bill.

It comes with everything you need, as far as software. It also comes with a couple of 25GB Blu-ray discs. This machine will allow me to make good backups, as well as saving videos too. There are a variety of connectivity options, so it’s very flexible! It’s definitely a quad-inteface!

No matter what type of computer you have, nor what you need to use Blu-ray for… this is the perfect solution for you!

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Roxio Toast 9: Burn, Watch, Listen, Share

Whether you’ve never used Toast in the past, or looking for more features than previous versions… you’ll be happy to read all about Roxio Toast 9, which is being released later today. I have always been a fan of this software. After reading through all of the new things they’ve incorporated, as well as the improvements, I’ll definitely be upgrading soon. Toast 9 sets the standard, again – now by extending the hi-def burning options to HD DVD and Blu-ray media. Whatever your projects involve… data, music, photo or video… you’ll finish more quickly and reliably thanks to the new Toast 9.

Get the most from your digital media and Mac OS X, with Toast 9. Extending your options to Blu-ray and HD DVD media, it sets the standard yet again for burning on the Mac and includes a host of new features. Compress, copy and convert video to watch on popular mobile devices. Trim unwanted segments. Capture streaming audio from any source, even automatically add title, artist and other tags – then enjoy it on your iPod. Burn or play your favorite TV shows on your iPhone or PSP. It’s everything you need to Toast your digital life!

“What’s New” in Toast 9

  • Batch DVD-Video saves you time, by letting you use multiple DVD-Video folders for a Fit-to-DVD compression or conversion.
  • Video cropping and trimming features let you easily remove unwanted video segments before you burn your disc, or move to your portable player.
  • Create High Definition Blu-Ray, HD DVD or standard DVD discs of your HD camcorder footage, slide shows or other HD video content.
  • Watch your recorded TiVo or EyeTV shows via the Internet, or stream video from your Mac to your iPhone or Internet-connected PC or Mac!
  • Unique audio fingerprinting technology identifies untagged music files and adds name, artist, album and other file information. No more “Track 01″!
  • Capture streaming audio from ANY source, including the Internet, to build a library of audio tracks.
  • Preview video quality for selected encoding settings in seconds
  • Pause video conversions to regain control of your Mac and resume when convenient
  • Preserve DVD chapters in video converted for your iPod – no need to rewind or fast forward

What’s “Improved” in Toast 9

  • You can now burn up to 30 GB on a single HD DVD disc, or up to 50 GB on a single Blu-Ray Disc. Archive up to 12,500 songs, 50,000 pictures, or many hours of video.
  • Span files of any size across multiple discs… including HD DVD. Then, restore and read them on either a Mac or PC.
  • Automatically catalog and track the contents of your discs. You can easily locate any file on any disc… even when they aren’t in the drive.
  • File recovery for damaged discs
  • New menu styles and custom DVD menu backgrounds
  • Broad device support includes video conversion for Xbox 360, BlackBerry devices, and more
  • Dynamic DJ-style crossfades, transitions, audio processing, and Roxio Jam pro-quality mastering tools
  • Vinyl LP and tape conversion to CD, DVD, iPod and more
  • Create 100% full quality photo archive discs with slideshows that play automatically on a Mac or PC
  • Quickly create personalized disc labels for printing or LightScribe laser etching

With so many new and improved features… what are you waiting for?