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Did you Work for your TN Visa in Canada?

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POST UPDATE: Just after this blog was posted, I received an email from Gulam Jamal, who works for TNVisaExpert. Apparently, there were a couple of not-quite-correct points in this post, and he wishes to share corrections with us. The corrections appear next to the proper points, in italics.

Jimmy Kuo writes: “The topic I want to talk about is having qualified Canadians working in the United States using a working Visa, called the TN. There are many Canadians stopped from crossing into the US, and there are many reasons for this. Here are some tips to help make sure you have everything you need to be able to obtain your TN, and work in the US.”

  • View the NAFTA TN Visa profession list before applying work in the U.S. Make sure that the program you graduated from (and the company that hired you) already fits into the appropriate fields . If your degree is not in the list, there is no way of getting a TN work Visa to work in the States. However, there are two NAFTA professions that do not require a degree: Management Consultant and Scientific Technician.
  • The main requirement for a TN Visa is to have a University degree related to the profession on the NAFTA TN list. (ex. Bachelors of Science, EE, MIS etc.) Without a degree, there is no chance of acquiring this Visa at the U.S border.
  • Another vital piece of information to provide to customs is an offer letter from the company that has hired you after an interview. In instances where proof of work experience is required. Without an offer letter, you cannot prove to customs that you’ve been accepted to work for the company in the States. The letter must contain your period of employment within the company (maximum up to 12 months of the date of hireā€¦ again renewable), and the Salary you will be making. It must also have a signature of the employer. The candidate must contact his employer to make sure they cite these important points on the offer letter.
  • You must write a letter about yourself to convince the customs agents as to why you are suited for the job. They need a good reason as to why you are better than others already IN the United States, so to speak. Typically, I’d give a list of set skills that will involve some programming languages and projects I’ve worked on to benefit the company I’ve just been accepted to.
  • Getting a letter of reference from past employers related to the field you’re applying for will definitely help make their decision of allowing you to get a TN.
  • This is the toughest part of getting a visa which will make or break a decision whether or not to allow the applicant to be awarded the work Visa. No matter how long it takes at the border… stay CALM. It’s best not to show your nervousness. Otherwise, they may suspect that something isn’t right, and deny your Visa application… even if everything is in order. Dress professionally! You are applying for a business work Visa, after all!
  • Remember be Prepared. Be prepared with your documentation and be prepared for the border process.

For more information, check out the article from the TNVisa Experts.


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