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How to Create a Chat Room for Free

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The chat room that we run is on an IRC network found on WyldRyde. You can join us using an IRC client, or by joining on the Flash client embedded on my website. I’ve been using WyldRyde for many years, and have had a great experience there. The people who run the network are helpful and friendly, and certainly know their stuff. I’m indebted to them for all the help they’ve given me over the years. It’s a very well-run network, with tons of options for you to use in your own channels. You can quickly set up a channel to embed on your website, and connect using any IRC client. Then, connect to the server nearest you.

However, if you need your own chat room and don’t want to use IRC, it’s easy to do! You may just want something simple, that can be set up quick without needing to register for anything. In that case, you’ll want to check out TinyChat. With TinyChat, you can create your own chat room in seconds and invite others to join you, using one simple link.

After you leave the chat room, all the chat data is gone, so its perfect for secure chats. Why would you use this? Its the easiest way to have a group chat with multiple people. No more worrying about who has what messenger, or what everyones screen name is. Just send them a link!

Once people change their usernames, I get a list of the names, along with country flags. It tells me where people are from! I started a TinyChat of my own prior to starting this video, and threw the link out into my normal chat room. I had 39 users in the channel at the time. There were options for me to change my nickname, save the chat log, or even embed the chat room into a website (or even on my MySpace page!).

If you need chat, you want chat, and you don’t know where to start with chat – it doesn’t get any easier than TinyChat!

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