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Tinting Windows on Houses

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One of our community members works in the field of window tinting. He writes: “The window tinting industry is growing rapidly. When people talk about tinting, the first thing comes to their mind is cars. However, this list is full of tips for tinting your house.”

  • Saves energy You will be surprised that you can save up to 20% on your total heating and cooling bill, simply by having your windows tinted. Saving money is always nice.
  • Protects your stuff from fading Here is the great chance to protect valuable furniture and rugs. Most types of window film out there block 99% of UV Rays.
  • Reduces glare Annoying glare can be cut dramatically by window films, so blinds and drapes can stay open and occupants can continue to enjoy the view.
  • Do your homework Research different companies and what they offer. 3M is very well known name… but it doesnt mean it would be the best choice. Huper Optik has the ceramic technology which beats any metal films out there. It provides crystal clear view, and a High Defenition effect. It will not darken the room, but it will cut 85% of the heat and that annoying glare. Metal films are very reflective, where ceramic films are not. You’ll need to compare them, and decide which is right for you and your home.
  • It will pay for itself Prices range around $5-8 a square foot. Window film installation has a payback period of 3 years in most cases, making it an extremely cost effective improvement for homes or businesses.
  • Bonus tip You can get a tax credit on the Enery star logo film. Huper Optik was also voted one of the ten inventions for going “green”.


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